How do you clean a gel nail brush?

The best way to clean a gel brush is to gently wipe the bristles between a folded piece of paper towel, just make sure to use one that doesn’t leave lint. If the handle is sticky you can wipe it with 99% alcohol, but using alcohol on the bristles will dry them out and harden them.

Can I clean my gel brush with acetone?

Never use acetone to clean your brushes. Acetone will simply mess up your gel nail brushes. Minimally it will dehydrate them but it could also melt the bristles.

Are nail brushes hygienic?

Nail brushes are hygienic because it helps to remove stains from the skin and dirt inside your fingernails. It helps workaholic people clean their fingernails after finishing their work. It is best to apply soap; it can help you to maintain your hands clean.