What to do if you don’t know what to go to college for?

Here are some tips.

  1. It’s probably not a good idea to delay. Some think that if they don’t know what they want to study in college, perhaps they should wait.
  2. Choose a major or go undeclared.
  3. Take classes that interest you.
  4. Volunteer and join clubs.
  5. 10 Winning Scholarships for Student Athletes.

What to study if you don’t know what to study?

  • Liberal Arts/Interdisciplinary Studies. If you have no idea what you want to do after graduation, a liberal arts or interdisciplinary studies major may be right for you.
  • Communications.
  • Business.
  • English.
  • Biology.
  • Computer Science.

What do I do if I don’t know my major?

Explore. If you’re still unsure what to major in, especially after you’ve taken other courses that interest you, you may want to start exploring outside of school. Volunteering in your community, researching in a local project, or taking part in an internship are three great places to start.

Can’t decide on a career?

Look for on-campus opportunities similar to your career path. Apply the skills you’ve learned in the previous step and display them on Portfolium. If you’ve learned to program, build an app to showcase your skills. If you’re doing marketing, find a small company and provide free marketing services.

What are the hardest degrees to get?

Recap: What Is the Hardest Major in College?

College Major Time Spent Preparing for Class per Week
1. Architecture 22.20 hrs
2. Chemical Engineering 19.66 hrs
3. Aero and Astronautical Engineering 19.24 hrs
4. Biomedical Engineering 18.82 hrs

Feb 10, 2021

What careers are the happiest?

The 10 Happiest and Most Satisfying Jobs

  • Dental Hygienist.
  • Physical Therapist.
  • Radiation Therapist.
  • Optometrist.
  • Human Resources Manager.