How is cement pronounced?

It’s likely that most people pronounce the nouns “cement” and “concrete” as sih-MENT (second syllable stressed) and CON-kreet (first syllable stressed).

How do Southerners pronounce cement?

The Southern Stress on the First Syllable in Words like Cement and Police. A man from Fort Smith, Arkansas, says his Canadian wife is baffled by his pronouncing the word cement as CEE-ment.

How do British say cement?

What’s the correct pronunciation of pecan?

Pecan, which is a symbol for states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, New Mexico can be correctly pronounced as “Pa-kawn” and not “PEE-can” or “puh-KAHN” or whichever pronunciation.

How do you say can t?

How do New Yorkers pronounce pecan?

The correct pronunciation is “pe-CAHN.” I know, I’m just as shocked as you are, but it’s true.