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How do we spell Hotel?

1. Hotel, house, inn, tavern refer to establishments for the lodging or entertainment of travelers and others. Hotel is the common word, suggesting a more or less commodious establishment with up-to-date appointments, although this is not necessarily true: the best hotel in the city; a cheap hotel near the docks.

What lodge means?

A lodge is an inn where travelers stay overnight. Lodge is also a verb, meaning to stay temporarily, or to give someone a place to stay.

Which is correct spelling or spellings?

The verb spell commonly means to write or name the letters making up a word in the right order. Spell is a verb with irregular and regular forms. Spelled and spelt are both common forms of the past tense and the past participle of spell, though with geographical differences.

What is a fancy name for a hotel?

bed-and-breakfast. country inn. guest house. hotel. inn.

How do you say hotel in different languages?

This is the translation of the word “hotel” to over 100 other languages.

Saying Hotel in European Languages.

Language Ways to say hotel
Dutch hotel Edit
Estonian hotell Edit
Finnish hotelli Edit
French un hôtel Edit

Is Hotel feminine or masculine?

Les is the plural article for both masculine and feminine nouns.


l’ombre m. the shade
l’hôtel m. the hotel

Is Hotel the same in every language?

The actual word hotel does translate straight across in many languages And that’s handy for tourists. That doesn’t mean that every establishment that has rooms for rent to tourists will be signposted as such.

Is Parc masculine or feminine in French?

parc [le ~] noun.

Is Cafe masculine or feminine?

The word café is a masculine noun.

Is Ville feminine in French?

The word ville is a feminine noun. It means ‘city’ or ‘town’ and is pronounced ‘veel’.

Is Parc a word?

A park is a place with grass and trees. People go to parks to take exercise or play games.

Is PARV a Scrabble word?

parv scrabble. rearedi (anagram)scrabble. gaminay (anagram)scrabble. dsiru (anagram)scrabble.

12-letter words.

Points Word Definition
20p. PARVOVIRUSES Plural of parvovirus.

Is narcs a Scrabble word?

NARCS is a valid scrabble word.

Is para a Scrabble word?

PARA is a valid scrabble word.

What mean para?

Para– (prefix): A prefix with many meanings, including: alongside of, beside, near, resembling, beyond, apart from, and abnormal. For example, the parathyroid glands are called “para-thyroid” because they are adjacent to the thyroid. For another example, paraumbilical means alongside the umbilicus (the belly button).

Is Prat a valid Scrabble word?

Yes, prat is in the scrabble dictionary.

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