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What is correct spelling mandatory?

adjective. 1Required by law or mandate; compulsory. ‘In some jurisdictions this is a mandatory sentence of death. ‘

Does mandatory mean you have to do it?

If an action or procedure is mandatory, people have to do it, because it is a rule or a law.

What does mandate mean?

1 : an authoritative command especially : a formal order from a superior court or official to an inferior one. 2 : an authorization to act given to a representative accepted the mandate of the people.

What is an example of mandatory?

The definition of mandatory is something that is required. An example of mandatory is an employer requiring potential employees to take a medicine test. Of, being or relating to a mandate. Holding a League of Nations mandate over a territory.

What is a good sentence for mandatory?

They are mandatory for many professions such as scientists, doctors and technicians. It concerns the news item about mandatory helmets for children. growing old is mandatory ; growing up is optional! He was charged with murder for which there was a mandatory death sentence.

What’s the difference between mandatory and a law?

A law and a mandate have the same power to be enforced. The only difference is how it came to be. A law is passed by the senate and the house of representatives and signed by the governor. A mandate is made by the governor, with the power given to them by the legislature in a state of emergency.

What is a mandatory field?

How do you create a mandatory field?

Many forms have fields that must be filled in by the user. One of the advantages of using mobile forms over paper or spreadsheets is that you can prevent the user from submitting the form until all of the mandatory information has been filled in.

How do you make fields mandatory?

To set an existing field as Mandatory, Select the Form from the Dashboard in Edit mode. Select the field to be edited. Select Field Properties from the right pane and select the checkbox Mandatory.

How do you make fields required?

To edit a field, click the Edit icon of the field from the custom field list. In the Add Field/ Edit Field overlay, you can check the Make this field as required checkbox to make the field mandatory.

Which field is required for it?

You can require fields names using either field settings or Visual Builder.

Using field settings to require fields

  1. Open the field’s properties page.
  2. In the Basics section, select the Must be filled in checkbox:
  3. Click Save. Required fields are shown with a red asterisk next to the field’s name on the fields page.

What is Aria required?

Education requirements

Minimum bachelor’s degree in management information systems or a related field; master’s degree in computer science, information systems, or information technology for advancement.

Which field is not required to create a lead?

The ariarequired attribute is used to indicate that user input is required on an element before a form can be submitted. This attribute can be used with any typical HTML form element; it is not limited to elements that have an ARIA role assigned.

How do I make my business not required in Salesforce?

fMany standard fields can be, Lead Status is a required field that cannot be set as “Read Only” (since that would make it unable to be set.

How do I remove a field from a page layout in Salesforce?

To eliminate the Company field requirement on Leads

  1. Go to Setup | Customize | Leads | Page Layouts.
  2. Click Edit next to the Page Layout name.
  3. Click on the wrench icon for the Company field.
  4. Deselect the Required checkbox and click OK.
  5. Save the Layout.

Which of the field is not required to create a lead in Salesforce?

Page Layout: Go to the Lead page layout and click edit. Click on Setup>Customize>Leads>. Then go to the Company field and click on the wrench (to modify settings). If the required checkbox is checked, uncheck it.

How do I enable someone’s account?

There is another way, if you enable “Person Accounts” in your org, then Salesforce would understand that your business runs on individual/person account and not on company account, and then company field would not be required.

Which field is required to create a lead in Salesforce?

How to enable Person Account in Salesforce

  1. Setup → Customize → Accounts → Record Types.
  2. Create New Record Type.
  3. Set “Business Account” as a Record Type Name.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Accept all defaults and click Save.

How do I make a field required in Salesforce?

We are looking for a more efficient way to track leads than making it a custom field in opportunities. All you need on Lead is a Last Name, a Company, and a Status. All the rest can be optional, Without a Name and ‘t a Company, in a B2B world, the Lead really isn’t worth having.

How many ways can you make a field required?

In your Salesforce Setup page, go to Object and Fields -> Object Manager. Select the Object that you want to edit. Select Page Layout page and choose the Page Layout you want to edit. On the Page Layout editor, double click the Custom field and check the checkbox to mark it as Required.

Where can you make a custom field required?

There are 4 ways of making the field mandatory: Page Layout: Field can be made mandatory from the page layout when it needs to be made mandatory for a set of users.

What is a bucket field?

To make the field required everywhere it is used:

  • Go to the Settings section of your Dashboard.
  • Select Custom Fields from the sidebar.
  • Locate the custom field (Fields are organized by type.
  • Click Edit field to go to its settings.

How do you make a bucket field?

Bucketing is a report and documentation feature in Salesforce. This feature allows you, the user, to easily and quickly categorize the records of different reports. This allows you to do just that without having to create a custom field or creating a formula.

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