ALCHEMY STARS tier list (2)

Alchemy Stars is a mobile tactical RPG gacha game created by Tourdog Studio and released by Tencent Games. On June 17, 2021, it was made available worldwide on iOS and Android devices.

It features stunning anime artwork, mesmerising music, and turn-based action that is actually difficult and requires quick thinking on the part of the player.

The game shares many features similar to those in AFK Arena and Idle Heroes. Alchemy Stars provides us with a vast selection of characters (also referred to as Aurorians). Each Aurorian has a specialty in one or more of the game’s four elements—water, thunder, forest, and fire — and each has a range of special skills.  Over 100 Aurorians are there in this game. Because there are so many alternatives available, the game is made much more difficult. The greatest Alchemy Stars characters for each role are the topic of our article today.

Additionally, game developers frequently add new characters with distinctive features, which is why it is necessary to be up to date with the tier lists.

Many gaming systems have a feature called the Tier List that ranks characters in an order, from greatest to worst. We’ll examine various tier lists in this article. You can use the Alchemy Tier lists to select your favourite legend based on your favourite weapon and playing style.

With all that being said, let’s get right into our tier list



Alchemy Stars is a new and popular strategy RPG for Android and iOS devices released by Tencent Games and developed by China-based studio TOURDOG. The game was made available worldwide on July 17, 2021.

Tadashi Satomi, who is well recognised for his work on well-known anime series like Attack on Titan and Naruto, created a unique tale for the game that is set in a magical world.

The game is simple – In order to defeat monsters, you link tiles on a board that are the same colour. A player’s party members can use a unique area-of-effect attack if they connect up a predetermined number of tiles. Higher tile counts result in stronger multipliers, but there are times when proximity to the opposition is more crucial than tile count.

In Alchemy Stars, your primary responsibility as an alchemist is to combine various resources and ingredients to make potions that can be used on both allies and opponents.

Team Members in Alchemy Stars

A team consists of four people in total.

1.      Converter – Converters alter the colour of the tiles to create a suitable path for the other Aurorians on the team.

2.      Supporters – also referred to as healers These are very handy for HP missions.

3.      Snipers – They are a type of DPS troop. These are employed to damage a specific target.

4.      Detonator – Detonators deal with significant harm brought on by adversaries. They cause localised harm.

Additionally, you can upgrade your base to gain access to new characters and skills. There are more than 100 distinct characters in the game that you may acquire, and each one has special powers and abilities that you’ll need to use if you want to win.


Alchemy Stars has a total of four elements, and each character is skilled in at least one of them. Here is a brief summary:

Water (Blue) – Best element for beginners

Fire (Red) – Characters who specialize in the element of fire (red) are particularly aggressive and powerful and do the highest damage per second (DPS) during combat.

Forest (Green) – Not recommended for novices is the forest (green). Characters with this elemental specialization are extremely powerful due to their mobility.

Thunder (Yellow) – A versatile element. Characters with this specialization are adaptable and provide good damage. They are capable of attacking far-off opponents.

Each element is effective against the other one

ElementEffective against

Using the Alchemy Stars tier list has numerous advantages, including:

·        It will aid in your overall understanding of the game.

·        It will assist you in selecting which role to play when.

·        If your competitors are unaware of the tier list, you can utilise this to your advantage.

·        You can use it to identify the strongest combination.

Characters in the Alchemy Stars tier list are divided into five groups, with S being the strongest and D being the weakest.

S Tier: Characters of the S Tier are the most powerful in the game. They can easily defeat foes and are extremely difficult to kill. The finest options for the battles are those.

A Tier: Characters in the A Tier are extremely strong, yet some of their weaknesses prevent them from being as strong as S-tier characters. However, some classes or decks can easily overcome them. They are capable of doing well in combat.

B Tier: While not quite as good as A tier, these characters are nonetheless quite good. They are less strong than A-tier characters due to a few flaws, and they are more susceptible to particular tactics or decks. These are suitable for novices.

C Tier: Characters in the C Tier are neither weak nor strong, but they are defintitely not as strong as B tier either. They continue to have their unique advantages that benefit them in the game.

D Tier: The characters in the D Tier are the game’s weakest. They shouldn’t be employed in serious play since they can be easily defeated by any character in a higher tier.

Let’s now examine the list of Alchemy Stars Tiers.



Fire characters have strong attack strength and are aggressive. They are renowned for using attacks that hit numerous times, which allows them to deliver a lot of damage in a short period of time (such as Rapid Fire). In combat, characters who have specialised in this element deal the highest damage per second (DPS).

TierAlchemy Stars Characters
SFrostfire, Smokey, Gram, Giles, Eicy, Jona, Charon, Uriel, Victoria, Genevieve, Rouge, Novio, Sinsa
ABrock, Patty & Patsy, Nails, Tiny One, Cordy, Barbara, Faust, Istvan, Maggie
BRegina, Leona, Alice, Reggie, Momo & Anzu, Brock, Chandra
CSork & Bekk, Pepi, Chainsaw Rick, Joanie
DJoanie Boom, Benny & Curo, Taki



Characters in the forest element are defensive and rely on healing to stay alive. Additionally, they have effective crowd control skills that may quickly neutralise adversaries. Beginners should not use them. Characters with this elemental specialisation are extremely powerful due to their mobility.

 Tier Alchemy Stars Characters
SMigard, Mythos, Beryl, Pasolo, Uriah, Louise, Yao, Siobhan, Nikinis, Pact, Sikare, Odi, Areia, Hiiro
ADawn, Wendy, Gabriel, Lenore, Sylva, Cuscuta, Robyn
BDove, Jola, Ophina, May, Lester, Clover



Thunder is among the game’s strongest components since the characters are well-rounded and lack any significant flaws. They also have numerous crowd control skills that can quickly render foes ineffective. It is an adaptable component. Characters with this specialisation are adaptable and provide decent damage. They are capable of attacking far-off opponents.

TierAlchemy Stars Characters
SMichael, Wrath, Bonacie, Luke, Amemori, Revy, Eve, Beverly, Gronru, Irridon, Florine, Tessa, Beverly
ANemesis, Vivian, Schwartz, Kafka, Pittman, Erica, Dayna, Mia
BKeating, Hachi & Gin, Ansia, Nadine, Rabbie, Lilliam
CEho, Amy
DAngel, Unimet




Water characters are extremely sluggish but have high defence and healing. Additionally, they don’t inflict much harm unless their assault is fully charged (such as Water Bomb). Water is the element to use if you want a character that can endure a lot of time and fight in many battles. It is the element that novices should use.

TierAlchemy Stars Characters
SSariel, Fleur, Bethlehem, Kleken, Philyshy, Raphael, Sharona, Carleen, Chloe, Bethlehem, Regal, Barton, Bethel
AHydrad, Vice, Allura, Kuma & Pengy
BMichenny, Ms.Blanc, Noah, Connolly, Constantine, Tweety, Jane
CWhite Dwarf, Corax, Korgon
DZoya, Seleucid


1.  What is a tier list?

Characters are grouped into tier lists according to their unique strengths and limitations. In order to give you a notion of which characters are great or weak at what they do best, it is typically created by players who have interacted with all of the characters.

2.  How was Alchemy Stars tier list made?

The Alchemy Stars character tier list is based on the personal perceptions and interactions with each character. We considered each character’s advantages, disadvantages, playstyle, and compatibility with other game characters.

3.  How can I use the Tier List in Alchemy Stars to develop my skills?

The Alchemy Stars tier list is an excellent resource for discovering each character’s strengths and limitations. Remember that even the best player doesn’t win every time; therefore, don’t lose heart if you lose.

4.  There are five stages; why?

S, A, B, C, and D are the first five tiers. They serve as a representation of each character’s strength throughout the game. That particular character is stronger the higher the tier.

5.  Which tier should I stay away from?

The D tier should be avoided. Choose a character that is on one of the higher levels if you wish to succeed.

6.  Who made this Alchemy Stars tier list?

The Alchemy Stars’ professional players created this tier list. They are quite skilled at the game and have interacted with every character.


Alchemy stars has an interesting story and gameplay. The game is a mix of uncommon genres and the unique line strategy RPG system which is loved by all.

Tier lists are essential for any competitive game, but they’re particularly important for Alchemy Stars. Thanks to this tier list, players will be better able to understand each character’s mechanics and which movesets should be prioritised in order to defeat other online opponents.

Your choice of the best character will now determine how well you play Alchemy Stars. A top-tier character should always be your first choice because doing so will improve and enhance your gaming.

Go ahead and try the game, thank you for taking out time to read this article!   

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