Ball Throwing Simulator (May 2022)

The combination of games available in Roblox might be overwhelming, but a little simplicity can be stimulating. What could be simpler than rolling a ball and knocking some pins down? Ball Throwing Simulator is a video game based on a popular carnival game: it’s easy and fun.

The game, which was established by the creator of YouTube Simulator, extends a lot of opportunities for power-ups and game modes to be expanded. This is when our Ball Throwing Simulator codes come in handy. They’ve here to assist you to spice up this virtual coconut shy. It’s simple to learn, but not so simple to master.


Ball Throwing Simulator Codes (Working)

  • pixels – Redeem this code and receive free Pixel Power Up

Steps to redeem Ball Throwing Simulator Codes

In Ball Throwing Simulator, redeeming codes for free bonuses is easy. Fulfil the steps outlined below to do so.

STEP 1 : Tap the Gift icon on the left of the screen to launch the game. It will open in a new tab.

STEP 2 : Enter the code in the text box that says Enter code in the Codes window, precisely as it appears in the list above.

STEP 3 : To claim your prize, hit the Submit button.

How to Redeem Codes in Ball Throwing Simulator

Where to get Ball Throwing Simulator Codes?

Following the developer @indieunYT on Twitter is an adequate way to obtain revamped codes. You can also return to this site because we’ll be accumulating fresh codes and posting them here for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.When will the new codes arrive?

  • As soon as the developers distribute new codes, we will revise this page.

2.Is redeeming codes easy?

  • Yes, it is super easy and the method has been summarized above.

3.What is the reward for the code ‘pixels’?

  • You will receive Pixel Power Up.


You’ll be flinging many variations of balls against pins in the Roblox Ball Throwing Simulator to collect them. Return to your base and insert your pins in a machine to receive money!

You can expend that money on nicer multiplier balls and pins with their cosmetics and multipliers. You can be reborn after you’ve maxed out your levels to obtain new power-ups and collect pins faster!

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