Bubble Gum Tower Defense Codes (May 2022)

In the bright, candy-coloured Roblox game Bubble Gum Tower Defense, pets are a block’s best friend. While exploring a variety of maps, upgrading and customising your pets, and embarking on a fun, bubble-popping trip, team up with your collection of adorable critters to protect towers from waves of bubbles.

You’ve arrived in the correct place if you need some assistance with this bubblegum-flavoured tower defence game. You’ll be bopping, hopping, and popping your way to victory in no time with our collection of all the latest Bubble Gum Tower Defense cheats. As new codes become available, we’ll update this list, so come back often for additional freebies.


Bubble Gum Tower Defense Codes

Bubble Gum Tower Defense Codes

We’ve got the freshest Roblox Bubble Gum Tower Defense legitimate codes listed below. These can be substituted for free packs, which can be utilized to unlock supplementary creatures and skins for the game.

There will now be Gems available for purchase in the shop, which can be used to purchase pets and bundles. Because codes do expire after a specific amount of time, you’ll need to utilise them as soon as possible.

  • NewYearGems – Redeem for 1,500 gems 
  • 2022 – Redeem for  free new years pack 
  • NewYear – Redeem for a free new years pack
  • FreeGems – Redeem for 200 gems
  • FreePack – Redeem for classic pack
  • Release – Redeem for classic pack

Steps to redeem Bubble Gum Tower Defense Codes

It’s simple to redeem your Bubble Gum Tower Defense codes; just follow these procedures.

STEP 1 : Start the Bubble Gum Tower Defense game.

STEP 2 : On the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap the Twitter icon.

STEP 3 : Enter your code here.

STEP 4 : Activate the redeem button.

STEP 5 : Take pleasure in your prize!

Where to get more Bubble Gum Tower Defense Codes

Make sure to follow Rumble Studios, the game’s developer, on Twitter to find more codes. You may also get news, updates, and interact with other players by joining the official Rumble Studios Discord server for the game. Otherwise, we’ll be regularly updating this wiki with the latest recent codes, so check back often.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How many valid codes are there?

  • There are 6 working codes as of now.

2.Where can I find more codes?

  • You can follow the developer on Twitter, Discord, and you can visit the page.

3.How can I redeem codes?

  • The procedure to redeem Bubble Gum Defense Tower codes have listed on this post.


Rumble Studio, the creator of Bubble Gum Tower Defense, offers freebies in the form of gems and packs. We are not aware when the game will be released, but in initial Rumble Studio games, they gave away prizes to commemorate events, views, favourites, and milestones. So, save this website for new Bubble Gum Tower Defense codes and the game to your favourites.

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