Crunchyroll Premium Mod Apk v3.15.0 (Unlocked, Ads Free)

App NameCrunchyroll – Everything Anime
Latest Version3.13.0 Build 533
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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UpdateOctober 21, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Are you someone who has a profound interest in anime, manga, and other Japanese Arts? If you are a fan of Naruto or Attack on Titan and you want to watch genres similar to them, then the Crunchyroll Premium Mod Apk is a perfect match. Here you can watch the latest anime after it has just been released.

The app’s popularity is because people love and appreciate Japanese culture and arts and there are several anime and manga with deep meanings that you would love to watch and read. If you’ve recently started watching anime and you are growing more interested in watching anime and reading manga, then you should try out the premium version of Crunchyroll. 

You might have watched animes and read mangas from the illegal websites that are on the internet but it can get irritating when you get interrupted due to ads and to get the premium version, you have to pay. So, for this reason, we have provided you with a link to download the premium version of Crunchyroll for free to save your money and you can watch your favorite anime without any interruptions from the annoying ads.

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About Crunchyroll 

Crunchyroll Premium Mod Apk

Crunchyroll is an app for anime and manga lovers where you get tons of anime and manga to watch and read. Other than the popular animes like Naruto, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Revengers, Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, etc. and mangas such as Berserk, Tokyo Ghoul, Rave Monster, Bleach, and many more, this app also offers various animes and mangas which are not in the mainstream media. 

It was developed in 2006 by the graduates of the University of California. The name of the founder is Kun Gao. It is a streaming app where you can watch Japanese dramas, anime and read your favorite and latest mangas.

With the free trial period, there are no restrictions on the number of videos you can watch, however, you will be interrupted by ads every few minutes which can be quite frustrating. You can get additional features with the premium version with no ad interruptions. But to get this benefit, you’ll have to pay which is pretty pricey.

About Crunchyroll Premium Apk

Crunchyroll Premium Apk, a modified version of Crunchyroll, is a solution for individuals who don’t want to spend any money to view their favorite anime series. All of the features featured in the premium edition of the official app are available for free in this customized version.

If you download Crunchyroll Premium Apk from this website, you will have several benefits. All the latest anime releases will be accessible to you in just 1 hour, you will get to relish manga, anime, and Japanese drama free of cost. You can download and stream in exceptional quality and enjoy watching popular anime series.

You can also sort through the hundreds of anime series to find the ones you wish to watch. It is often updated, so there will always be something to watch in your spare time.

Features of Crunchyroll Premium Apk

Before downloading any application, many people have the habit of knowing its features. If you are still skeptical about downloading Crunchyroll Premium Apk, then I would like to suggest you read the features that are listed below-

Premium for free

Free of cost

There is a free trial period for two weeks and if you want to continue watching your favorite anime series and read your favorite manga, you have to pay for the subscription. 

This Mod version of Crunchyroll has all the premium features free of cost and you can binge or read for as long as you want without any interruptions.

User-friendly interface

User-friendly Interface

While using any new application, many people get confused about how to use it. If you are one of those, I recommend using Crunchyroll Premium Apk. 

You can navigate easily through numerous categories and genres that you want to watch and read. Crunchyroll has made sure to keep its users entertained and pleased.

No interruptions of ads

No interruptions of ads

The premium version of Crunchyroll enables you to watch and read without any ads interruptions. Just imagine if you are watching your favorite anime series and suddenly there is an ad, how annoying it must be.

Make it more desirable and delightful for yourself and enjoy seamless streaming and reading by installing Crunchyroll Premium Apk.

Premium video quality

Premium video quality

Who likes watching videos of extremely low quality? Of course, no one. The Crunchyroll Premium Apk allows you to watch videos of high quality, either in 720p or 1080p. 

There is a feature called auto mode in which the quality of the video will be changed depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Available on multiple platforms

multiple platforms

This application is not restricted only to Android phones or only Windows. You can install Crunchyroll on all of your devices such as Linux, Macbook, iPhone, and you can watch it anytime or anywhere you want.

Latest manga and anime releases

manga and anime

It is not easy to get all the newly released anime series and manga. In Crunchyroll Premium Apk, you will get updates on the latest mangas and anime series and you will get to watch anime series and read manga in just 1 hour after ut has been released.

Diverse collection

Diverse collection

This app offers over 950 anime-related channels that are updated regularly. You’ll have so many choices in front of you that choosing what to watch initially will be difficult. You might be able to finish an anime series in a few days, but there are countless anime and manga series to choose from.

Steps to download Crunchyroll Premium Apk 

If you want to enjoy these exclusive features that are available on Crunchyroll’s premium version on your Android device, then follow the steps that are listed below-

On Android

Step 1: If you have the Crunchyroll application already installed on your phone, then make sure to uninstall it from your device. It will show an error in downloading if Crunchyroll is installed on your device.

Step 2: After uninstalling it, come back to this website and click on the “Download Crunchyroll Premium Apk” to start downloading.

Step 3: After the downloading is completed, enable “Allow from this source” on your phone’s settings so that you can install it on your device.

Crunchyroll Premium Mod Apk

Step 4: Install it on your phone and then start watching your favorite series.


Step 1: Because Crunchyroll is not yet officially available on PC, the first step is to download an Android emulator like Bluestacks. You may easily get it on your PC with the help of an Android emulator.

Step 2: Then, from this Website click on the “Download for PC” to start downloading.

Step 3: After downloading is complete, grant access to all the permissions and install it on your PC.

Step 4: After installation, launch it on your PC

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Below are the questions that are most frequently asked by you all. I know everyone has their doubts regarding downloading an application from a website so I am here to answer your queries.

1. Are there only animes and mangas available on this app?

  • No, along with manga and anime series, you can also watch dramas. I’m sure you would be delighted to watch Japanese dramas in your free time.

2. Can I both use Crunchyroll that I downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apk that is provided here?

  • No. Either you have to keep the Crunchyroll from the Google Play Store or this one that is provided here. If you download from the above link while Crunchyroll is already installed, it may cause an installation error.

3. Can I use the Premium Version for free through this website?

  • The answer is yes. We have provided with all the premium features such as ad-free, high-quality videos, and you get an ample amount of genres to watch and read from, and that too, for free.

4. How to block ads in the free version of Crunchyroll?

  • Unfortunately, you cannot block ads in the free version. However, if you get the premium subscription, you will have no interaction with the ads and it will cost you money. To get the premium version free, download Crunchyroll Premium Apk from this website.

Wrapping It Up

Crunchyroll is a weeb and otaku’s dream come true. No anime fan would want to miss out on this opportunity to enjoy all of the premium features of Crunchyroll for free.

Crunchyroll Premium Apk allows you to watch new and popular anime series and manga. You only need to follow the easy procedures outlined above, and you will no longer need to hunt for unlicensed websites where you will be bombarded with advertisements.

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