Death Star Tycoon

Death Star Tycoon is a Roblox game in which players must construct their death star and fight gigantic star wars ships. Your main objective is to finish your death star. You must eliminate all-star wars spacecraft while still commanding the galactic empire. 

Numerous active Roblox Death Star Tycoon codes grant access to a plethora of amazing freebies and advantages. If you have more of these items, you’ll be more useful and influential in the game. Ships, auto collections, and other items can be obtained with Death Star Tycoon codes. When other players try to generate money during the game, these codes make it easier for you to get what you need faster while leaving others behind.

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Death Star Tycoon

Death Star Tycoon Codes (Working)

Each code will deliver you with a specific privilege, and I am confident that you will not be disappointed if you employ them. Who doesn’t appreciate advantages or benefits? Before they get expired, use the following codes:

  • SAVETHEFLEET – This code can be used to get Supremacy Ship

Because the codes are only effective for a restricted time, I urge you all to redeem the codes as soon as possible to take advantage of the limited-time offers and not miss out on any benefits.

Death Star Tycoon Expired Codes

  • MAYTHEFOURTH – Double Saber Code
  • THENOOBTWEETS – Redeem this code to unlock the AutoCollect (Auto Collecting Bird)
  • BLUEBIRD2020 – Redeem this code to unlock the Birds Nest Dropper (Auto Collecting Bird)

Steps to redeem Death Star Tycoon Codes

The process to redeem Death Star Tycoon Codes is a little bit odd and is as follows:

Step 1:- To unlock the ability to use particular codes, you must enhance your Death Star sufficiently. You’ll need to improve your money-outputting core battery till it provides you with a white pad to step inside with a code to redeem. 

Step 2:- To get the auto-collection, use THENOOBTWEETS in that case. 

Step 3:- You’ll soon be able to redeem BLUEBIRD2020 for the free dropper once you start upgrading your droppers (which you should do right now).

Step 4:- To acquire access to the Supremacy code, upgrade the ship side of your Death Star. Once you’ve got that, type in SAVETHEFLEET to fly the Supremacy ship.

Death Star Tycoon

Where to get Death Star Tycoon Codes?

Join the official Roblox Group and other social media platforms to disclose more codes. You can obtain news and updates as well as interact with different players by joining the official Discord server. Contrarily, we’ll be regularly revamping this wiki with the most up-to-date codes, so check back often!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many active Death Star Tycoon Codes are there at present?

  • At present, there are three active Death Star Tycoon Codes.

2. What is the reward for the code ‘BLUEBIRD2020’?

  • The reward for the code ‘BLUEBIRD2020’ is a Bird Nest Dropper.

3. What rewards can be obtained after redeeming the Death Star Tycoon Codes?

  • Ships, auto collections, and other items can be obtained with Death Star Tycoon codes.


In Death Star Tycoon, your primary objective is to engage in classic space battles with massive Star Wars spacecraft while destroying enemy ships. Take leadership of the universe and finish building your death star to show off your actual abilities. Follow the complete instructions step by step and make the most of these freebies to see if you can climb the leaderboards and establish yourself as the finest fighter in the game.

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