Does Realme use stock Android?

The Realme UI is based on ColorOS 7 which itself is based Android 10. Realme has given the interface a massive overhaul with stock Android inspirations. Realme UI update is currently on Realme XT and Realme 3 Pro.

Is Realme UI stock Android?

Remember, all Stock Android is Android, but not all android is stock android ;) MIUI has been divided as the international version and the LOCAL version(aka China Mainland version).

What operating system does Realme use?

ColorOS is a mobile operating system created by Oppo Electronics based on the Android Open Source Project.


Developer Oppo, Realme (early), OnePlus (China)
OS family Android
Working state Current
Initial release September 23, 2013
Latest release 11.1 / December 23, 2020

Do any phones run stock Android?

Google Pixel 5. Google Pixel 4a and 4a 5G. Google Pixel 4 series.

Does Realme use ColorOS?

For those who don’t know, realme started as a sub-brand of OPPO. … Since then, realme phones have been running realme UI, a fork of ColorOS. The first version of this Android skin was released in 2019. Then, in September 2020, the company unveiled Android 12-based realme UI 2.0.

Is stock Android good or bad?

Google’s variant of Android can also work faster than many customized versions of the OS, although the difference shouldn’t be massive unless the skin is poorly developed. It’s worth noting that stock Android isn’t better or worse than skinned versions of the OS used by Samsung, LG, and many other companies.

Which is better MIUI or stock Android?

With no baggage of additional apps, the Stock Android devices are overall smooth. Undoubtedly, they offer faster performance as compared to MIUI. … If you compare a Stock Android device running 1GB RAM and a MIUI device having 4GB RAM, the device running MIUI will obviously perform better.

Is realme UI better than oxygen OS?

Realme’s take on App Clone function is better than Oxygen OS. It’s not only limited to Social apps, but you can clone apps like Amazon, Google Pay, Skype, and Swiggy (food delivery app) too. Realme has added the sidebar function, which allows you to pin most-used shortcuts such as screenshot, record screen, and apps.

Is Color OS better than stock Android?

ColorOS is a light skin over pure Google Android OS that helps customise its smartphones in different geographic markets. It also allows it to do so much more than Google Android does. Now you may well ask why not go with pure Google Android and be done with it. Just like Google does with its Pixel.

Will Realme 7i get Android 11?

Realme 7i has started receiving Android 11-based Realme UI 2.0 in India. … The Android 11 update for Realme 7i is 801MB in size and brings RMX2103_11_C. 05 version. The company announced the rollout via a blog post on its website.

What is the advantage of Stock Android?

Advantage of using stock Android

It is not only about preference. There are also some other real-time benefits of using stock Android. Stock Android removes bloatware (the pre-installed app), which gives better control over your device and improves device performance.

Which is better Android or Stock Android?

Android One is the Stock Android for non-Google hardware users. Unlike custom Android, Android One has faster updates. Better battery performance, Google play protect, optimized Google Assistant, minimal bloatware, artificial intelligence from Google, more free storage space, and optimized RAM are some of its features.

Which is better ColorOS or MIUI?

The ColorOS 7 also have some better enhanced camera algorithms compared to the MIUI 11. … ColorOS 7 packs in more excellent shooting features, better qualities, night mode features for low-light environment, bokeh effects from both front and rear cameras and the AI beautification 2.0.

Why does Realme use ColorOS?

ColorOS for Realme could replace RealmeUI

The company made the move to RealmeUI with the Android 10 generation, customizing the skin more in accordance with Google’s stock Android interface. However, apart from a few cosmetic changes, the basic layout and experience was no different than ColorOS.

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