East Brickton Commands

If you want to get the most out of the time you spend playing this Roblox simulator, you must be aware of the East Brickton Chat Commands. 

Also, In Roblox East Brickton, communication is essential. The player may unwittingly find himself in a quarrel with another player or even engaged in combat if they fail to communicate effectively. Poor communication can also result in an immediate suspension from East Brickton. For you to find whatever you’re looking for and fully enjoy this entertaining video game, we’ve established this Database. It is best to get acquainted with all of the East Brickton instructions listed below to prevent these scenarios.

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East Brickton Commands (1)

Phone + Chat Commands

For new players, press 1 on the keyboard or click the phone option that you can find at the bottom of the screen. These instructions should be typed into the chat box as soon as the player has the phone in hand. Replace [contact] and [name] with the names of the people with whom the player wants to communicate.

/contactlistOpen contact list
/call [contact]Call contact
/sms [contact]Text contact
/givecontact [name]Give number to contact
/call[911]Call emergency services
/pmText Message
/reportReport player
/despawncarWipe car from world
/id [charname]Get other player’s ID

Dance Commands

Copy and paste the following commands into the chat box in Roblox East Brickton to input dancing commands. Similar to all Roblox games, the chat box can be found at the upper left of the screen. The player’s avatar will return to its default stance after entering a different command to cancel one.

/e hdfDance in place
/e hitdemfolksDance #2
/e sitSit on floor
/e wooDance
/e surrenderSurrender on the floor
/e handsPlace your hands up
/e shootJump on one foot with one hand in the air
/e 2shootJump on opposite food with one hand in the air
/e dabDo the dab
/e turnupGet hype
/e moneybopDance low to the floor
/e yesShake your head yes
/e noShake your head no

Roleplay Actions

/e leanLean against a walled surface
/e crossarmsCross your arms
/e hipsPlace hands on hips
/e hs1Formal handshake
/e hs2Casual handshake
/e gs1Gang Sign 1
/e gs2Gang Sign 2
/e gs3Gang Sign 3
/e gs4Gang Sign 4
/smartserviceStart job
/finishserviceEnd job
/payservicePay at RP job
/acceptserviceTake money at RP job
/payGive money to players
/helpupHelp downed player


These are all the commands that you will need in Brickton. Since communication is essential, these commands will be of extreme help to you as you will be able to play peacefully and not face any suspension. Type the commands just as it is and you’re good to go.

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