East Brickton Controls & Tips

If you happen to love designing and interacting, then East Brickton is for you. In the roleplaying game Roblox East Brickton, users can design their characters, decide what happens to them, and interact with other players. East Brickton’s setting was influenced by Buffalo, a city in upstate New York. After creating their character, players are required to always play according to that character’s role. 

Check below for the terms and controls:

WASDMove around
ShiftHold Shift
1, 2, 3…Equip/Unequip item
BackspaceDrop item
Left Mouse ClickUse item
(Button to the left of 1)Open/Close Backpack
Mouse Scroll WheelZoom in/Zoom out

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East Brickton Controls & Tips (1)

East Brickton Tips

Players of Roblox East Brickton should study and memorize the following terminology. It is possible to receive a permanent ban from East Brickton for not understanding these common roleplay words across numerous games.

Term Definition
Random Killing (RK)Killing another player for little to no reason
Random Brawling (RB)Randomly punching another player for no reason, starting combat for no reason
Car HoppingRandomly jumping into another player’s car
Power Gaming (PG)Roleplaying unrealistic actions defined by the game’s developers
Meta Gaming (MG)Acting out of character
Fail Gun FearIgnoring a player when they have pulled a weapon on you
Fail Cop FearIgnoring police authority
Gun BeggingRandomly approaching a player and asking for a weapon
Admin interactionIgnoring an admin or harassing an admin in-game. Admins want to roleplay too
Ban EvadingRunning away from an Admin confrontation

Roleplay Rules of East Brickton

  • Rules of Engagement: Only when there is a roleplay motive for the attack can a player engage in combat with another person. Disagreements, gang reprisals, or other in-game disputes can be the cause. Every encounter must be started with the /me command, which signifies that you are about to engage in a fight. The other participant is not required to use the command if the battle has already begun.
  • Rules of Robberies: Each day in-game, a player may only steal from them once. Robbing sprees, such as robbing gas station employees, result in immediate bans.

Any player who is robbed must comply with the robber’s demands and act out Gun Fear as necessary. Players are not allowed to steal stuff from the safe or trunks of other players. Players are not permitted to grab another player at gunpoint and demand money from an ATM.

Safe Zones

The safe zones are the following:

  • Hospital
  • Police Station
  • Bank
  • Any Workplace for Jobs


The player must use the /me command to indicate their intended location before drawing any kind of weapon.

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