A free-to-play role-playing game called Final Fantasy Brave Exvius was created by Alim and released by Square Enix for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices. The game, a spin-off from the Final Fantasy series, represents the first time Square-Enix and Alim have worked together.

The list of units in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is constantly expanding, and new units are typically added every month.

You probably won’t know where to begin when choosing the ideal Final Fantasy Brave Exvius character to play because there are quite a lot of them. That is precisely where we come in.

A tier list will rank the characters in the game ranging from the best to the worst. You may choose which characters are worth spending that much time on using this list of Fantasy Brave Exvius characters.

In this article, we’ll go over the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius tier list to help you select the best characters.

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a mobile phone game designed by Square Enix and developed by A-Lim. It is a free-to-play single-player RPG game developed by Alim and published by Square Enix. The game’s English release came around a year after its October 2015 Japanese release. In June 2016, it was made available globally for iOS and Android smartphones. The following languages are supported in FFBE:

English, Spanish (Español), Korean, German (Deutsch), Chinese, French, Thai, and Bahasa Indonesia

The game’s setting is such that – The Kingdom of Grandshelt and the Empire of Zoldaad, two societies that are at odds with one another, coexist in Lapis, the setting for the novel. The epic adventure to re-establish the harmony between the two realms is under the authority of Rain or Lasswell, who are controlled by the player.

Each combat allows players to select up to five units, with three being active and two or more being support units. The “Brave Burst” skills that players use to speed through dungeons and battles form the basis of the gameplay. Regularly published special events need gamers to interact with the plot as well.

It is challenging to keep up with all of the characters in the game because there are so many of them. Players can choose the best units for their party using the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius tier list, whether they are participating in an event or a battle.


A turn-based smartphone game called Final Fantasy Brave Exvius prioritizes a few fundamental gameplay principles over everything else. The S-Tier units are the strongest, and the D-Tier units are the weakest, in our ranking of all the units’ tiers. The various elements influencing how these troops rank in this tier list have been taken into account. The following are a few of the factors:

Stats – A unit’s base stats serve as a benchmark for determining how strong it is in its unaltered state and how much stronger it can become when fully awakened and maxed.

Utility: Value the character’s fundamental qualities more than how they perform as a team.

Role: We graded the units according to how well they performed in those roles. The utility of a Support unit as a top-tier Support allows it to be ranked higher than a DPS unit.

A tier list is a list of units ranked according to how powerful and helpful they are. A team with the greatest units will be able to advance through challenging dungeons and defeat rival teams in PvP fights.

The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List is provided below to assist players in choosing which units to include on their team. Additionally, it will provide gamers advice on each unit, explaining their ranking and what to anticipate from them in combat.

Knowing the FFBE unit tier list has numerous advantages, including:

  • When selecting which units to add or delete from your squad, will assist you to avoid making mistakes.
  • You can use it to build a squad that is capable of outperforming other players in PVP engagements.
  • Before engaging in combat, you should be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each unit by consulting the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List. This will help you plan your attack and defense strategies.
  • You will level up more quickly and gain more experience points than other players who aren’t aware of the best units for warfare.

Now, the ranking goes from tier S to tier E, in which S is the best and E is weak.



Due to their extremely high base numbers and solo potential, the units on the FFBE S tier list are the ones that the community wants and highlights the most. Almost every enemy can be defeated by them in combat. These units don’t have many vulnerabilities and can be used in practically any circumstance.

Players can carelessly incorporate any of these units into their team for the designated function if they manage to get their hands on one of these units.

FFBE UnitsRole
Warrior of Dawn GalufPhysical Attacker, Support
Awakened Warrior of LightPhysical Tank, Support
Seeker of Freedom VaanDebuffer, Physical Attacker
Paladin CecilDebuffer, Support
LucasMagical Tank, Healer
Alphonse ElricPhysical Tank
Angel of Death KujaMagical Attacker
Sacred Shield CharlottePhysical Attacker, Support
Hallowed Aegis CharlottePhysical Tank, Magical Tank
Healing Avatar LidDebuff
White Knight NoelMagical Attacker, Physical Tank
Lightning (FF XIII-2)Magical Tank, Support
RenaHealer, Magical Attacker
Nichol of the Epsilon StarSupport, Debuffer
Rikku (FF X-2)Debuffer, Support



The units on the tier list of FFBE are powerful in combat. Despite having extremely high numbers and skills, they are not quite as useful or efficient as characters in the S tier. The superior attributes and skills of these characters make them superior to the majority. To perform, they need to be set up, though. These units are beneficial when deployed properly in battle, although they will struggle against particular foes.

These units are still regarded as top tier, thus if players summon any of them, they are free to employ them.

FFBE UnitsRole
IgnisHealer, Support
Emperor FooSupport, Debuffer
Doctor AidenHealer, Physical Tank
SieghardPhysical Tank, Debuffer
A.I. KattyVersatile
Daughter of Destiny VanilleDebuffer, Magical Attacker
Benevolent Beauty RemMagical Attacker, Debuffer
ElephimDebuffer, Support
Warrior of Light LennaHealer, Support
FolkaHealer, Support
MyraHealer, Support
QinMagical Attacker, Support
RegisPhysical Attacker, Support
Sakura & AyakaHealer, Magical Attacker
SylvieSupport, Debuffer
Wildcard AceMagical Attacker, Debuffer
Sweet LukaSupport, Debuffer
Summer Fina & LidDebuffer, Healer
Adventurer LockePhysical Attacker, Debuffer
2BPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
AerithHealer, Support
ChowMagical Tank, Healer
Dancing Heart PeneloMagical Tank, Debuffer
Flame of Rebirth JakePhysical Attacker
Garland (FF IX)Magical Attacker, Debuffer
KitonePhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Maritime Strategist NicholSupport, Magical Attacker
NoelPhysical Attacker
ZenaidaPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Umbral Dragon Dark FinaMagical Attacker
OlbericPhysical Attacker, Physical Tank
Sieghard & IgnacioPhysical Attacker, Physical Tank
Rico RodriguezPhysical Attacker
War Hero RaegenPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
SylvandoSupport, Physical Attacker



At first glance, it is not advised to select units in the B tier. Units in the FFBE B tier list have strong stats and skills, making them useful friends to use in combat. Although they might not be as powerful or effective as the S or A tier units, they can still be helpful in certain circumstances. These troops don’t offer the squad any additional benefits like the units in S or A tier and have an average base stat line. Players can utilize them to advance in the game, but once they get to a certain point, they must swap them out.

When handled properly, these characters can assist change the course of a battle because they do not have many vulnerabilities.

FFBE UnitsRole
MachinaPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
AuronPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Blue Mage FinaHealer, Support
Four Winds PhysalisMagical Attacker
Gilgamesh (WOTV)Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
Kimono FinaMagical Attacker, Debuffer
Lezard ValethMagical Attacker, Debuffer
LilithPhysical Tank, Magical Tank
Lone Lion SquallPhysical Attacker
Sterne LeonisPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Mercenary RamzaPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Awakened RainMagical Tank, Support
Edward ElricPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
ElenaPhysical Attacker, Magical Attacker
SeiferPhysical Attacker
Mont LeonisPhysical Tank
SerahMagical Attacker
SerenaHealer, Support
SolMagical Attacker, Debuffer
Tifa (FF VII: AC)Physical Attacker
Strange Gourmand QuinaMagical Attacker, Support
Xuan Wu & Qing LongPhysical Attacker, Physical Tank
Adam JensenPhysical Attacker, Support
Mystical Ice LaswellPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Neverending HopeSupport, Debuffer
SelphieMagical Attacker, Debuffer
BerylMagical Attacker, Magical Tank
BaschPhysical Tank, Magical Tank
BeowulfPhysical Attacker, Magical Attacker
Dark Spirit SolMagical Attacker, Debuffer
King BradleyPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Madam EdelPhysical Attacker
LilisettePhysical Attacker, Support
LorenPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
MystinaMagical Attacker Support
Rakish Thief ZidanePhysical Attacker
QuistisMagical Attacker
Demon RainPhysical Tank, Support
KimahriMagical Attacker, Debuffer
Infernal Fire RainPhysical Attacker
RiveraSupport, Healer
Seaside NicholMagical Attacker, Support
Untamed Wolf EdelPhysical Attacker
Supreme Deva AkstarPhysical Attacker
White Mage RosaPhysical Attacker, Healer
WilhelmPhysical Tank, Support
YunaHealer, Support



The units in the FFBE C tier list used to be reliable companions to use in battle, but their skills or stats have since deteriorated. Although they might have some flaws that make it challenging to employ them in specific circumstances, they are nonetheless more helpful than the D and E tier characters.

It is strongly advised not to waste any resources on leveling, breaching their limits, etc. because their utility simply vanishes after the beginning of the game.

FFBE UnitsRole
Awakened Onion KnightPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
AyakaHealer, Support
BeatrixPhysical Attacker, Magical Attacker
Zeno of the Beta StarPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
CrimsonPhysical Attacker, Support
Cloud (FF VII: AC)Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Blue Sky Belle FranPhysical Attacker
EllyMagical Attacker
IrvinePhysical Attacker
Graceful Champion FangPhysical Attacker
King Edgar of FigaroPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
MorganaMagical Attacker
NagiPhysical Attacker, Magical Attacker
Wizardess ShantottoMagical Attacker
White Lily Dark FinaMagical Attacker, Debuffer
RebertaPhysical Attacker
Knight of Pluto ZidanePhysical Attacker
LevinsonPhysical Attacker, Magical Attacker
ErikPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Dragon Knight FreyaPhysical Attacker, Healer
KadajPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
TifaPhysical Attacker
Star Player TidusPhysical Attacker, Support
YunalescaMagical Attacker, Support
Agent OlivePhysical Attacker, Debuffer
ArdynPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Assassin ShadowPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Black Mage ViviMagical Attacker
BartPhysical Attacker, Support



The units in the FFBE D tier list are rated as being below average. They are occasionally challenging to use in battle because of their poor stats and skills.

If handled properly, these heroes could be able to change the course of a losing conflict, but they will have difficulty versus most foes and might even put your team in danger of losing.

It is not advised to put any money into these units because they require a significant overhaul to restore their spark.

FFBE UnitsRole
Aurora FryeviaPhysical Attacker, Magical Attacker
EikoHealer, Support
Fina & Dark FinaMagical Attacker, Healer
YegoPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
Yuna (FF X-2)Physical Attacker
EstherPhysical Attacker, Physical Tank
FlammiePhysical Attacker, Support
GladiolusPhysical Tank, Physical Attacker
Jasper UnboundPhysical Attacker
Lovely KatyHealer
Palom & PoromMagical Attacker
Operative ZyrusMagical Attacker, Debuffer
PromptoPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
PhysalisPhysical Attacker
Radiant LightningPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
RabMagical Attacker, Physical Attacker
RemMagical Attacker, Healer
Sweet NicholMagical Attacker, Debuffer
Warrior of Light BartzPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
JechtPhysical Attacker
KurasamePhysical Attacker, Magic Attacker
Hess King LasswellPhysical Attacker, Support
YunPhysical Attacker



The E tier is listed last on the FFBE tier list. Units of this category are thought to be combat-weak and should only be utilized as a last resort when necessary.

They might not have very good stats or abilities, making them vulnerable to attacks from other characters. These allies shouldn’t be used until there are no other players available because they don’t have many strengths.

All the left-behind characters are in the E Tier.


1.      Why should I use this tier list for the FFBE?

You can plan more effectively if you are aware of each unit’s vulnerabilities and types of attacks thanks to the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius tier list. You will level up more quickly and gain more experience points than other players who aren’t aware of the best units for warfare.

2.      The best units are included in which tier list?

The most powerful characters from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius are listed in the S tier. They are pretty helpful and effective, making it simpler to win any combat against an opponent.

3.      Which tier list has the characters that are the weakest?

The least useful and ineffectual units in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius are found in the E tier. They are ranked last on this tier list because they are likely to have difficulty in battle and increase the likelihood that your team will lose.

4.      How frequently is the list of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius units updated?

As new units are included in the game or as older ones are eliminated, this particular Final Fantasy Brave Exvius tier list is updated frequently. It’s critical to be informed about the developments so you can develop a more potent plan of attack for your next conflict.

5.      The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius tier list: how trustworthy is it?

The tier list was developed based on feedback from players and widespread agreement. But ultimately, it is arbitrary and might not be exact for everyone.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is an excellent extension of the Final Fantasy Tactics series. The game features a charming cast, good music, faithful 16-bit graphics, and good gameplay making it a recommendable title.

You should use the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) tier list while assembling your gaming team now that you are aware of how it functions. It will guarantee that you are aware of which units complement and contrast with one another the finest. If the going gets difficult, having this FFBE tier list at the ready can help reverse the tide!

The overall gaming experience is excellent. This article should be very helpful in helping you choose players and learn which heroes and villains are best for your team’s makeup or personal preferences.

Thank you for reading this post; feel free to play the game.

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