How do I redeem my iTunes gift card on my Android phone?

Can you use an iTunes gift card for Android?

On an Android device, you can use your gift card to buy an Apple Music subscription. To make purchases from the App Store, Apple Books, or the Apple TV app, use an Apple device.

How do I use my Apple gift card on Google Play?

Here are the complete steps.

  1. Redeem iTunes Songs for Playing on Android.
  2. Open iTunes on computer and sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. From top menu bar of the iTunes window, choose Account > View My Account. …
  4. Enter the 16-digit code from the back of the iTunes gift card and click Redeem.

Why can’t I redeem my app store gift card?

Card is not valid

Make sure that your card is not an Apple Store Gift Card. … When you redeem an App Store & iTunes Gift Card or redeem an Apple Gift Card, tap or click “You can also enter your code manually.” Make sure that you enter the redemption code that begins with “X”, not a different number on the card.

How do I redeem iTunes gift card for cash?

On your Apple mobile device or computer, you must then go to your Apple account and find the Redeem Gift Card feature. Once there, you should type in the gift card’s code, and the value of the card will be credited to your Apple account. On a PC, you can redeem your gift card similarly using iTunes.

Is there an iTunes app for Android phones?

You can now download or stream your iTunes library to your Android phone. … You can simply download the Apple Music app from the Google Play store just as though it came from any other music-streaming service.

Can I convert Google Play credit to cash?

Convert Google Play Balance, Credits, Voucher into Cash

Download Coin Factory app from Play Store here. Buy desired pack of coins via your Google Play balance or credits. The price of coins pack is mentioned in the app (the price changes.). … Tap on Redeem into cash option after buying the coins.

What happens if you accidentally scratch off code on a gift card?

Call the number on the back of the card. They might be able to cancel it out and issue you a new card. Guest services in a store is unable to issue you a new card.

How do I redeem a Paxful gift card?

After you upload your document(s) most importantly the gift card then you can click on the blue paid button, if you’re accessing Paxful from a mobile phone then you have to click on options and click on the blue paid button.

Can u buy Robux with Apple gift card?

The short answer is “Yes!” Let’s go ahead and talk about this. As we said, the answer to previous questions is yes, you can use an iTunes Gift Card to buy Robux on Roblox game but that’s if you’re using it on an iOS device like iPhone or iPad.

Can I use a Google Play gift card on my iPhone?

You cannot use the iPhone to buy things from the Google Play store, since the iPhone must use Apple’s App Store. Likewise, an Android would not be able to use an Apple gift card for the same reason.

What can you get with Apple gift card?

If its an iTunes Gift Card, it can be used in iTunes, iBooks, App Store, Podcasts etc.. You can buy movies, music, books, tv shows etc.. If its an Apple Store Gift Card, it can only be used in an Apple Store, or in the Online Apple Store, to buy hardware and accessories.

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