How pass JSON array from one activity to another in Android?

You just need to convert your JSONArray into a string for us to pass it to another Activity. Then, on your next activity just convert it again from String back to JSONArray. That’s it simple.

How send JSON array to another activity in Android?

You should convert JsonArray to String then attach it to Intent and send it. JSONObject jObject = new JSONObject(“Your Json Response”); Intent obj_intent = new Intent(Main. this, Main1. class); Bundle b = new Bundle(); b.

How pass JSON object from one activity to another in Android?

3 Answers. You should pass a serializable or parcelable object through putExtra, as JSONObject is neither serializable nor parcelable object, and so you cant pass it through putExtra. So you need to make either a Parcelable or Serializable class from parsing a JSONObject, then you can use putExtra method to pass it.

How pass ArrayList from one activity to another activity in Android?

I want to send Following ArrayList from one activity to another please help. Intent i = new Intent(this,DisplayContact. class); i. putExtra(“Contact_list”, ContactLis); startActivity(i);

How do you pass data between two activities?

To pass data between two activities, you will need to use the Intent class via which you are starting the Activity and just before startActivity for ActivityB, you can populate it with data via the Extra objects. In your case, it will be the content of the editText.

How send data from one activity to another in Android?

passing the custom Object in activity,

  1. Pass it to the activity, Intent intent = new Intent(getActivity(), Activity. class); intent. putExtra(“list”, (Serializable) mainData. getData(). getFeaturedProduct()); getActivity(). …
  2. And get it. ((List<HomeProductsModel>) getIntent(). getExtras(). getSerializable(“list”))

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How pass data from ListView to another activity in Android example?

6 Answers. Implement ListView ‘s OnItemClickListener, once you handle this event, try to get the location of the row that was clicked. Once you get it, access that particular row position in the source array (or whatever else you’re having). This way, you’ll have the data that you want to pass to another activity.

How do you kill an activity?

Launch your application, open some new Activity, do some work. Hit the Home button (application will be in the background, in stopped state). Kill the Application — easiest way is to just click the red “stop” button in Android Studio. Return back to your application (launch from Recent apps).

How pass data from one activity to another without using intent?

This example demonstrate about How to send data from one activity to another in Android without intent. Step 1 − Create a new project in Android Studio, go to File ⇒ New Project and fill all required details to create a new project. Step 2 − Add the following code to res/layout/activity_main. xml.

How do I send an image from one intent to another activity?

5 Answers

  1. First Convert Image into Byte Array and then pass into Intent and in next activity get byte array from Bundle and Convert into Image(Bitmap) and set into ImageView. …
  2. First Save image into SDCard and in next activity set this image into ImageView.

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