How to Distinguish Ethical Employees from Unethical Employees

The blame game is very common in the workplace. A major sum of employees relies on blame games to keep themselves safe from any harm. Like if anyone mistakenly mailed out a letter to a debtor during the validation period, the person may blame it on a new employee to save his job and license. Well, this happens everywhere and most of the time it is done deliberately.

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A few years back an employer traveled from Fremont to New York to visit his new office. Someone over there stole $1000 from his bag. He asked the office secretary to investigate who stole it. Well, the secretary brought in a janitor, blaming him that he was the thief.

The employer thought to leave him but fire him from the job. The very next year, the same thing happened again, but this time one of the clerks in the office saw the thief and even made a video is his phone. When the employer asked, the clerk showed him the video. The thief was the office secretary himself who blamed the janitor for thieving last year.

Besides, there are plenty of things that the unethical employees do in the organizations and blame that all on the ethical employees. Another example includes bullying. In an educational institute a principal office was in habit of bullying but to evade the blame from her head she passed the accusation onto any other employee.

Well, if employers are unable to identify unethical employees, they lose the ethical ones. Later, the businesses relegate, diminishing revenue and causing trouble in making a profit. Further, some of the common unethical performance include:

  • Utilizing job time for personal tasks
  • Abuse of power
  • Accounting record manipulation
  • Lying
  • Using office internet for own purposes

These unethical performances have been observed by the Ethics Resource Center (ERC).

A Problem with Ethical Employees

Unethical actions do stay hidden from a lot of people, but not everyone. There is always a witness to an unethical employee. However, the unethical employees force the witnesses not to inform the management. ERC tells that 22% of witnesses inform the management of unethical employees. The rest are influenced and forced to remain quiet. Then what an employer should do?

How to Distinguish Ethical Employees from Unethical Employees?

Unethical employees

A lot of employers feel helpless, thinking there is no way they can distinguish between ethical and unethical employees. Well, if you are one of them, then better cheer up, as there is a prominent solution available. It is OgyMogy, an employee monitoring app that can distinguish ethical employees from unethical ones. 

Well, how it does that, we will explain it below.

How OgyMogy can Help Employers Find Unethical Employees?

Less Time for Job: Some employees focus more on running errands than performing their office tasks. Employers can identify the actual person using OgyMogy, with its monitoring features. It looks into the computer activities as well as mobile phones. Employers can listen to the calls that the employees make and receive. From the calls, they can identify which employee is running errands. Along with that, the computer monitoring will show them which employee is busy shopping groceries instead of preparing the market presentation.

Abuse of Power: Absolute power corrupts. How to know if your manager is abusing the power? At least he must be asking for illicit actions from an employee over the phone. Well, OgyMogy can reveal everything your manager says on the call, sends in the text, and writes in the email as well as share in the messenger. Using all that information, you can gather enough evidence to make the manager accountable.

Accounting Record Manipulation: Accounting records tampering happens for personal gains. An accountant might enter a customer into the bad debts, telling the customer did not pay. However, the customer did pay, but the accounted manipulated the records. The employer can see everything that the accountant does on the computer. Certainly, he can even see where manipulation was made and records were tempered.

Lying: Some people cannot live without lies. They are in the habit of lying. They lie with their colleagues and even their superiors. We gave you an example of a manager who stole the money and lied that the janitor did. Similar happenings take place in every organization. Indeed, some way or other employees tell their friends or anyone in their family using the phone that they have done something. Employers can track their conversation using OgyMogy.

Internet Misuse: This is the most common unethical affair. A job site tells that 64% of employees misuse the internet. Instead of doing the office task, they use social networks, check the latest movie reviews, surf online clothes and apparel shops, and do plenty of other things. OgyMogy is the leader of detecting misuse of the internet. It records the screen and lets the employers know how much time an employee spent working.

Well, with OgyMogy, it is always easier to distinguish ethical employees from unethical. Along with that, OgyMogy enables employers to make the workplace safe for every employee.

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