Is OpenSUSE better than Ubuntu?

OpenSUSE is more general-purpose than Ubuntu. Compared to Ubuntu, the learning curve of openSUSE is a bit steeper. If you’re completely new to Linux, then getting a grasp of openSUSE may require more effort compared to Ubuntu. All you need is just put a bit more focus and effort.

Why openSUSE is the best?

Currently, we have openSUSE 42.1. It contains all the stable packages and provides the smoothest experience of the two. It is highly suitable for Home, Office and for Business computers. It is for people who need a good OS but won’t/can’t keep pampering the OS and need it to move aside and let them work.

Is openSUSE more stable than Ubuntu?

Ubuntu GNOME is the easiest distro to install. Fedora has overall good performance as well as easy, one-click installation of multimedia codecs.

Overall Findings.

Ubuntu GNOME openSUSE Fedora
Stable for the most part. The most stable of the three distributions. Can be laggy at times.

Is Suse same as Ubuntu?

Ubuntu belongs to the Linux family while OpenSUSE belongs to SUSE-Linux. Ubuntu defaults user Interface is GNOME, while the OpenSUSE user interface is GNOME3 or KDE plasma 5.

Is openSUSE good for beginners?

openSUSE is among the easiest linux distribution for new users. However, openSUSE does not focus on absolute ease of use, preferring to offer users flexibility and choice. … Still openSUSE does not make things more complicated than necessary and has some easy to use graphical tools to configure system settings like YaST.

Is openSUSE Tumbleweed good?

Open SUSE Tumbleweed is a great Linux distro! It is free even though most are. Not only is it built greatly, but it has many options and it is top-tier. Especially if you’re new to the system, it’s the easiest for people who are just starting to learn as it is very helpful.

Which is faster Ubuntu or Mint?

Mint may seem a little quicker in use day-to-day, but on older hardware, it will definitely feel faster, whereas Ubuntu appears to run slower the older the machine gets. Mint gets faster still when running MATE, as does Ubuntu.

Should I use openSUSE leap or tumbleweed?

openSUSE Leap is best suited for novice users and organizations, who tend to avoid frequent updates. If you’re first moving to OpenSUSE you should stick with Leap. … openSUSE Tumbleweed is preferred by enthusiastic users who want bleeding edge Linux. It appeals to Power Users and Software Developers.

Is openSUSE good for server?

Re: openSUSE, how good for servers? Works fine. There’s nothing that says you have to run a GUI. When running as a console only server, it’s as good as any other Linux distro.

Is Ubuntu better than MX?

It is an easy-to-use operating system and offers amazing community support. It offers amazing community support but not better than Ubuntu. It is very stable and provides a fixed release cycle.

Is OpenSUSE based on RedHat?

OpenSUSE is to SUSE as what Fedora, CentOS is to RedHat. OpenSUSE is a community based distro based on the enterprise version from SUSE. Like Fedora, OpenSUSE uses the rpm based package management and also benefits from its enterprise counterparts by sharing components and code.

How long does OpenSUSE take to install?

Debian and Ubuntu (and CentOS for that matter) install in a matter of minutes, whereas openSuse takes about 30 minutes to install (net install)!

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