NBA 2k Mobile codes

The MyTeam game option in NBA 2K Mobile lets you build your squad by collecting your favourite player cards. To buy or unlock these player cards in the game, you’ll need to spend coins. While collecting coins in the game is free, redeeming NBA 2K Mobile coupons can help you obtain high-rated player cards for free during game events.

If you want to acquire some free commodities like players, keys, cosmetics, recharges, and a whole lot more, look out for these codes that are released regularly.

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About NBA 2k Mobile Game


NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is a 3D basketball game that allows you to enjoy all of the pleasures of NBA 2K on your smartphone. It’s now up to you to put together your dream team. You can choose your starting lineup of five players and engage in online games against gamers from all over the world.

You can choose from over 400 NBA players in NBA 2K Mobile Basketball, each of them has a unique card. As you play games with your stars, they’ll level up, gaining new abilities to help you dominate your opponents.

NBA 2k Mobile Game Codes (Working)

  • There are currently no new codes.

NBA 2k Mobile codes (Expired)

  • TACOTUESDAY—Redeem for LeBron card.
  • BILLRUSSELL—Redeem for a Bill Russell Card
  • RAYALLEN20—Get a Ray Allen card and x2 Energy Recharge
  • SKYHOOK33—Redeem for a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar card
  • MVPDROSE—Redeem for a Derrick Rose card and a 2x Energy Recharge
  • JORDAN23—Redeem for a Michael Jordan card and 2x Energy Recharge
  • THEADMIRAL—Redeem code for David Robinson card!
  • TAINKLAY – Redeem code for Klay Thomspon card!
  • WHATITDOBABY—Redeem code for Kawhi Leonard card!
  • DAMETIME – Redeem code for Damon Lillard’s card!
  • JRUESUMMER – Redeem code for Jrue’s Summer card!
  • SHOWTIME – Redeem code for Magic Johnson’s card!
  • THEBIGCACTUS – Redeem code for a Shaq’s card!
  • KPPLAYOFFS – Redeem code to get Porzingis’ theme card and 2 event energy chargers!
  • ELGINBAYLOR – Redeem code to get Elgin Baylor’s card! (Expires April 11. Can be redeemed once per account.)
  • CP3PHOENIX – Redeem to get Chris Paul’s card! (Expires Mar. 2. Can be redeemed once per account.)
  • EMERALDKLAY – Redeem to get Klay Thompson’s card! (Expires Jan. 16. Can be redeemed once per account.)

These are the codes that were formerly available, and they’re listed as a sort of archive of stuff you could have gotten in the past. These are no longer redeemable, and there is usually only one code accessible at a time.

Steps to redeem NBA 2k Mobile Game Codes

STEP 1: Load the app.

STEP 2:Navigate to the redemption section and complete the form.

STEP 3:Now type in any of the above-mentioned working codes.

STEP 4:Select the Pen button.

STEP 5:The gifts will then appear on your screen and will be assigned to your in-game account as soon as you press the button.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many codes are working?

  • There is currently one active code that you can redeem and receive rewards.

2. What rewards will I get after redeeming the codes?

  • The cards of various players, gems, and energy can be obtained after redeeming the codes.

3. Is there any chance that the expired code will work?

  • There is zero chance that an expired code will work.


NBA 2K Mobile coupons are only valid for a limited time and will expire in a few days, so use them as soon as possible. To avoid any mistakes, enter the codes exactly as they appear on the screen, including special characters, digits, capital and tiny letters.

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