Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List

Princess Connect Re: Dive is a blockbuster RPG title that resonates: the wildly popular RPG, Princess Connect. Characters in the game commonly referred to as Heroines, come in many varieties and have different skill sets.

You will be able to compete against the toughest opponents if your Princess Connect Re: Dive squad includes the strongest Heroines. Nevertheless, selecting the top characters might be challenging, particularly when there are more than 60 options available.

However, we have created the Princess Connect Re: Dive Tier tier list, which ranks all the characters from best to worst, to spare you from this time-consuming task.

This article aims to examine various such tier lists. Using the Mobile Legends Tier lists, you can select your favorite legend based on your preferred playing style. Choosing a character that best fits your gaming preferences can be difficult, but you can always use our list as help.

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Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List

Princess Connect Re: Dive is a real-time action role-playing game. To engage in several modes, such as main missions and player versus player (PvP) arena scenarios, players can form a party of up to five people. A gacha mechanic or character-specific Memory Pieces can be used to acquire new characters (the latter is not possible for event-exclusive characters). In order to be eligible for Clan Battles, players can also create clans.

It was developed and published by Cygames. The game was launched on 15 February 2018. 

Princess Connect Re: Dive’s story revolves around the primary character Yuuki, a Princess Knight who lost her memories during a crucial fight and must acquire them in order to unravel the actual mystery of the continent of Astraea. She makes a tonne of new acquaintances along the road who come to your party thanks to the wonder of gacha pulls.

Princess Connect Re: Dive Tier List (2022)

A Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list has numerous advantages, including the following:

  • Assisting you in selecting the appropriate heroes.
  • Illustrating how each character compares to the others.
  • Displaying the ideal team combinations for different game styles.
  • Helps you develop as a player.

The ranking goes from S tier to D tier:

Tier S – Considering the current metagame, Tier S represents the top characters in the game. When compared to other characters in the game, these are the best of the best and are extraordinarily powerful. They now have the best base numbers, talents, and abilities overall. If you are after something exceptionally useful in Princess Connect Re: Dive, the S-Tier units should be your number one priority.

A Tier: These individuals have a high amount of power, which makes them an important element of your party. Although the units listed here are generally worth consideration, they don’t exhibit a skill set as diverse as those of the S-tier residents. Although they are highly strong, they might not always be a good fit for every lineup or squad. If you want to get an advantage over the competition, try employing one of these. They are a great investment for all kinds of teams and ought to be a player’s top priority if locating an S-tier unit appears to be unattainable.

B Tier: These individuals can be incorporated into most party structures and are somewhat powerful. Even though they aren’t always perfect, they work well enough to get the job done. If you want an ordinary character that’s simple to play with, consider using one of these. However, when paired with the appropriate friends, the specialty heroes will prove to be very reliable. Playing to their strengths is all that is required. B-tier characters could be worthwhile to invest in when you’re first starting out.

C Tier: Characters in the C Tier are still viable despite not being as strong as those in the A and B Tier. Use them with caution because they could struggle to fit into specific party setups. C-Tier units are even more niche specific than those ranked in B. They are ultimately unsuitable for the majority of scenarios unless you spend considerably more on them because of their inferior stat allocation.

D Tier: Characters of the D Tier are the weakest of the group and are to only be used if you have no other choice. If you want to win, avoid using them. Characters in this category rarely prove helpful in any situation or game format. The D-tier guys either botch up because of their poor stat distributions or because their talents aren’t as good

Let’s look at the tier list now that you understand how it functions.

Princess Connect Re: Dive Overall Tier List (2022)

Princess Connect Re Dive Overall Tier List

Here is a broad Princess connect Re-dive tier list based on both PvE and PvP conditions before we get into position-specific ones. Characters from Princess Connect Re: Dive are ranked according to how useful they are onboard and how effective they are overall in the field,  their overall strength, utility, and ease of usage. The complete list of tiers for both PvP and PvE modes is shown below.

SRino, Anna, Hatsune, Djeeta, Monika, Akino
AEriko, Io, Rin, Ayane, Maho, Suzuna, Saren, Ninon, Shiori, Misato, Kokkoro, Jun, Shizuru, Kurumi, Tsumugi, Makoto
BNozomi, Kaori, Miyako, Karyl, Mimi, Yori, Mitsuki, Misaki, Illya, Rei, Shinobu, Kuka
CAkari, Mifuyu, Chika, Hiyori, Yuki, Tamaki, Lima
DMatsuri , Aoi, Mahiru, Suzume, Misogi, Yukari, Tomo

Princess Connect Re: Dive Defensive Tier List (2022)

Princess Connect Re Dive Defensive Tier List

The greatest characters to use for shielding your team or yourself from harm are defensive ones. They possess a number of skills that can make this possible. PvE and PvP characters are both included in this list of tiers. The friends who will protect you and your comrades from impending harm are defense characters. At this point, making assaults is less important than having sufficient strength to effectively withstand harm or at least halt half of an opponent’s advance. Here is a list of every defensive unit in the Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list ranked according to how well they can defend.

SMiyako, Shizuru, Akino
AKuka, Pecorine, Nozomi, Djeeta, Jun
BMakoto, Lima
CEriko, Misogi, Rei, Kurumi, Tamaki
DHiyori, Kaori

Princess Connect Re: Dive Offensive Tier List (2022)

Princess Connect Re Dive Offensive Tier List

Attacking characters are excellent at damaging the adversary and dispatching them fast or effectively. Additionally, they have a broad variety of skills that can assist them to inflict more damage and defeating bosses more quickly.

The game’s offense strategists are the individuals listed below. They are adept at quickly outnumbering adversaries before the situation reverses. Offense characters are renowned for having a wide range of reaction abilities that can quickly take down bosses.

Despite the fact that they are all strong due to their jobs, the characters listed below each have unique strengths. Therefore, be careful while choosing a partner because in Princess Connect, the attacker’s role will show to be the most harmful. About dive.

Choose carefully while determining which is best for you because while they are all rather powerful, they excel at various things in different ways. Characters are ranked in this list according to how offensive they are.

SAkino, Jun
ATsumugi, Makoto, Kaori, Tamaki, Shizuru, Ayane, Djeeta
BRei, Eriko, Hiyori, Nozomi
CMisogi, Miyako, Kurumi
DLima, Tomo, Kuka, Matsuri

Princess Connect Re: Dive Middle Tier List (2022)

Princess Connect Re Dive Middle Tier List

These characters can be employed in a variety of situations but are neither the greatest nor the worst. They can be used in a variety of circumstances because to their adaptability and strong combination of skills. Characters are ranked in this list according to how beneficial they are overall.

When your Offence unit is destroyed, you’ll probably turn to the Middle characters for inspiration first. As their name implies, these characters play a variety of roles that require both offensive and defensive skills. They can act in a variety of useful ways because of their diverse set of skills.

SSaren, Kokkoro
AAnna, Monika, Akari, Mitsuki, Ninon, Rin
BYukari, Shinobu, Illya, Mifuyu
CMimi, Yori

Princess Connect Re: Dive Support Tier List (2022)

Princess Connect Re Dive Support Tier List

The Support characters in any game are absolutely crucial backups that a team must have, even though they are not the party’s main protagonists. Support characters in Princess Connect Re: Dive assist other players by giving them helpful buffs or by guarding them while they are engaged in combat.

Support characters have skills that can benefit the other party members by giving them protection or a tactical edge. Even if they lack the offensive or defensive characters’ strength, they nonetheless do a fantastic job. Characters are ranked in this list according to how well they can provide support.

SRino, Misato, Hatsune
AShiori, Kyoka, Yuki, Io, Suzuna, Maho
BKaryl, Yui , Aoi, Misaki
CChika, Arisa

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you mean by tier list?

A tier list is a rating of things, people, or ideas based on how powerful or valuable they are in comparison. Tier lists are frequently used in games and are available for a wide variety of game genres. They may also go by the names tier rankings or ladder rankings in some circumstances.

2. Why does Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list include users?

Tier lists are used by players to better comprehend the disparity in strength between various game characters. This can help them decide who to use in their party and how to use their skills more effectively.

3. What is the best character in Princess Connect Re: dive

This question lacks a definite response. The ideal character will depend on your personal playing preferences and what you require from them. Having said that, S-tier characters are frequently regarded as among of the game’s strongest characters.

4. What is the weakest character in Princess Connect Re: dive

D-tier characters are typically thought to be the game’s weakest. Use them with caution because they could struggle to fit into specific party setups.

5. Who made this Princess Connect Re: Character tier list for divers?

The expert gamer created this list of tiers. They are incredibly skilled at the game and are aware of what it takes to have a good party.

6. How reliable is this Princess Connect Re: Dive tier list?

This tier list is current with the most recent patch. Any modifications to the game will be reflected in routine updates.

7. How can I use the Princess Connect Re-Dive Tier List to develop my skills?

The Princess Connect Re-Dive tier list is an excellent resource for discovering each character’s strengths and limitations. Remember that even the best player doesn’t win every time; therefore, don’t lose heart if you lose.


Princess Connect! Re: Dive is a mobile role-playing game that is available for free. There are more than 50 heroines in the game, each with a unique skill set. Every heroine has a special tale to tell. You must choose them based on their skills and build the best formation. You’ll embark on an expedition to discover the universe and experience the lives of heroines in this game.

Players are supposed to create combat teams that aid them in advancing to the finish line. However, picking the best companion isn’t that simple because of the many playing modes and real-time elements that significantly affect each character’s usefulness. Our list will come of great help for that. 

Overall, it is a great gaming experience. We hope that this article will come of great use while selecting players. Go ahead and try the game, thank you for taking out time to read this article!   

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