Top 10 Procreate Alternatives For Windows (Updated List)

If you are familiar with the Procreate and everyone’s knows it is a paid software for iPhone and iPad! But there are many users like us who can’t afford Mac or iPhone and want to get Procreate on their Android or Windows device.

The software comes with paid version (A round cost of $9.99), with no free trial to test the app. That’s the reason we have listed Procreate Windows Alternatives below, which are free mostly and paid with free trial supports.

Top 10 Procreate Alternatives

1. Autodesk SketchBook

Procreate Alternatives

If you ever have heard about the Autodesk, then you might have known that it is one of the popular company in the market. Are you a designer or sketch artist? If yes then the Autodesk Sketchbook could be an amazing choice for you, it has a lot of awesome features that may be required in the perfect edition for sketch artist.

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It has a decorative pen interface that can work perfectly with windows and tablets devices. In this application, you will get an auto-saving feature which will help you in not losing the previous data.


  • Available on all Operating systems:- Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows.
  • You will get the fully accessible version at free of cost.
  • Build for professional designer and useful tools.


  • Not easy to learn and understand the function of Application.
  • Fewer brushes to choose from.

Download Autodesk Sketchbook

How To Use Autodesk Sketchbook (Guide For Beginners)?

2. Krita


When it comes to digital sketch drawing, only name popups in my mind, and that is Krita. The Application is fully open-source software which is built by the group of great developers who are sketch specialist themselves.

If you are a sketcher artist or a comic maker, then you can take advantage of Krita application, and it has a great tool for comic making. Not only this, but it has a great creativity option by allowing the users to choose brushes to give a touch your sketch.


  • A perfect made software for a comic artist.
  • Opensource:- Available for free to any individuals.
  • Comes with the Photoshop PSD Files Supports.

Download Krita

How To Use Krita (Beginner Tutorial)?

3. Artrage


Artrage is another amazing alternative to Procreate, although it is an old fashioned design application at the same time you can get the work done by mixing your sketch colours smoothly.

There were used by a few apps that were designed for old fashioned drawing sketches, and ArtRage is one of them, you can try it if you love the old drawing fashion. It allows us to draw with mixing colours and creating awesome textures which will be looked like real canvas drawing.


  • This app will bring you back to traditional drawings sketches.
  • Clean User Interface.


  • Fewer Tools To Use
  • Not available for free ($79 one time purchase fee).

Download Artrage

How To Use Artrage (Learn To Digital Paint On Artrage)?

4. Concepts


Do you love vector art? Who doesn’t right, they look amazing whether it is a selfie or candid more like a sketch. The application is more likely built for vector drawing than sketch art. However, it is also great for sketching works.

Concepts have a lot of advance features where user can illustrate vector art easily with freehand sketch feature. It will also help you to create a blueprint of sketching the design it comes with multiple brush choices and layers too.


  • Good for measurement drawing assignments.
  • it comes with multiple brushes and strokes options with free version.


  • hard to understand the drawing concepts

Download Concepts

How To Use Concepts App (Learn To Draw)?

5. Corel Painter

Corel Painter

Corel Painter is yet another fantastic sketching app for the digital artist, well! I would not need to aware you about the Corel draw. If you are looking for the realistic canvas painting app which could give you final awesome look in your sketches after reproducing the look, then it is one of the best professional sketch art application in the market.


  • It comes with a large a quantity of brushes and textures.
  • Enables multilayer editing features.
  • Supporting of import PSD files (Photoshop).


  • Not easy to understand for beginners.
  • Not available for free (Expensive one time purchase cost $300).

Visit Corel Painter Official Website

How To Use Corel Painter (Getting Started)?

6. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint

It is one of the famous application that is used by many professionals, and most of them are sketch artist or crafters. The app comes with unique features that are auto-saving your project wherever you stop working and took a break; it can be done in one click only.

The best thing about the app it is free to use with more than 800 backgrounds, 50 brushes set and 19+ fonts, in my opinion, nothing can beat this to be the best alternative for procreate.


  • No need to worry about losing data.
  • Available for free and easy to use.


  • Display ads may popups at the start box

Download MediBang Point

How To Use MediBang Point (Tutorial)?

7. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint

If you are a creative creator and loves to create clip- arts then the Clip Studio Paint would be the best choice for you. It allows us to design creative sketches and clip- arts it is one of the reliable alternatives for Procreate, which is available on Windows and Android.

The App comes with a great user interface, and it is easy to use while editing photos, there is a lot of features with advance features you will get some awesome effects to apply and get amazing looks.


  • Easy To Navigate with working on multiples photos.
  • You can create professional sketch with images from scratch.


  • Advance tools are hard to manage and apply

Download Clip Studio Paint

How To Use Clip Studio Paint (Beginner Tutorial)?

8. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Here is another amazing App for Sketch artist which doesn’t need any introduction, Photoshop has always been a better choice over photos editing and designing. Photoshop Sketch is a great tool for a professional sketch artist; it allows us to make amazing sketches with the help of this tool you can illustrate your sketches easily.


  • Awesome User Interface.
  • More than 14 brushes to choose from.


  • less Photo Editing Tools.

Download Photoshop Sketch

How To Use Adobe Photoshop Sketch?

9.Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches

Do you like to sketch using a tablet or touch screen? If yes then you should try Tayasui Sketches application however there are not many features, but there are a few which are most beneficial features for sketch artist. Basically, if you are looking for mobile sketch work to be done, for layer supports you would need to purchase the pro version of it.


  • Easy To Navigate and clutter-free


  • No layer feature in free version.

Download Tayasui Sketches

How To Use Tayasui Sketches (Tutorial)?

10. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Here is another best alternative to Procreate, Adobe Illustrator draw is one of the best options after Photoshop Sketch, though there are more apps from the adobe publisher Lightroom and Photoshop. This is another mobile sketch app if you are a mobile sketch artist then this would be a better choice than any, the app gives a natural touch to your sketches to achieve good results you would need to use stylus or apple pencil to get an amazing sketch out of it.


  • Awesome Vector Brushes and Customization Tools.
  • Supports Layers.


  • Not compatible for Windows.

Download Adobe Illustrator Draw

How To Use Adobe Illustrator Draw (Android Tutorial)?

Wrapping Up

So these were top 10 List of Procreate alternatives, which will help you to enhance your sketching skills but at the same, you are the artist and eventually it is artist choice which app would be the best.

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Happy Sketching!

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