Quick Answer: How To Transfer Ios To Android?

Method 2: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android: Google Drive

  • Launch Google Drive on your iPhone.
  • Tap the menu icon ≡ , Then the “gear” icon.
  • Tap “Backup”.
  • You can change your backup settings here. When ready, scroll to the bottom and tap “Start Backup”.

How do I transfer from iCloud to Android?

Method 2 – iCloud

  1. Head up to iCloud.com via your computer.
  2. Select the contacts that you want to export. either one by one.
  3. Click the gear again and select Export vCard.
  4. Plug your Android phone to the computer, copy the VCF file to the local storage and import the contacts from the Contacts or People app.

How do I transfer messages from iPhone to android?

Install iSMS2droid on your Android phone, open the app and choose “Select iPhone SMS Database.” Find the text messaging backup file you transferred over to your Android device. Make sure you click “All Text Messages” on the next screen to ensure all your texts are converted and saved as an XML file.

How do I transfer from iOS to Samsung?

If you are moving from an iPhone to a Samsung phone, you can use the Samsung Smart Switch app to transfer your data from an iCloud backup, or from the iPhone itself using a USB ‘on-the-go’ (OTG) cable.

How do I transfer data from iPhone to Android via Bluetooth?

Install the free Bump app on both devices to share files through a Bluetooth connection. Tap the category button for the type of file you want to transfer from the sender’s handset. For example, if you want to send a music file from the iPhone to the Android, tap the “Music” button on the iPhone.

How do I restore WhatsApp from iCloud to Android?

Method 1: Copy WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android via Backup

  • Open WhatsApp on iPhone and log in your account.
  • Navigate to “Settings” > “Chats” > “Chat Backup”.
  • Tap the “Back Up Now” button to start backing up current WhatsApp Data.
  • Download and install WhatsApp on your Android phone.
  • Sign in WhatsApp account.

How do I transfer iCloud email to Android?

Moving from iPhone to Android : How to Sync iCloud Mail

  1. Open the Gmail app.
  2. Tap three stacked lines upper left.
  3. Scroll to, then tap Settings.
  4. Tap Add account.
  5. Tap Other.
  6. Enter your iCloud email address in the format of [email protected]
  7. Enter the app specific password, generated at Apple’s website.

How do I transfer messages from iPhone to Samsung?

  • Connect the two devices and choose transfer mode. Launch AnyTrans on your computer > Connect both your iPhone and Samsung to the computer via the USB cables > Click Android Mover button on the left panel > Choose iOS to Android mode.
  • Transfer messages from iPhone to Samsung.

Can I transfer iMessages to Android?

If yes, the tricky part is how to transfer your iPhone text messages and iMessages to your Android smartphone, since iPhone text message formats are not Android-friendly. You are able to export iMessages to PC using iTunes, then convert it before importing to a new Android phone.

How do I transfer text messages to my new phone?

Method 1 Using a Transfer App

  1. Download an SMS backup app on your first Android.
  2. Open the SMS backup app.
  3. Connect your Gmail account (SMS Backup+).
  4. Start the backup process.
  5. Set your backup location (SMS Backup & Restore).
  6. Wait for the backup to complete.
  7. Transfer the backup file to your new phone (SMS Backup & Restore).

Can you transfer apps from iPhone to android?

If you like to use cloud services to keep all your devices up to date and synced, you can use Google Drive to transfer data from iPhone to Android. For this, you’ll need to download the Google Drive app on your iPhone. Tap the menu icon ≡ , Then the “gear” icon. You can change your backup settings here.

How do I transfer stuff from my old phone to my new Samsung phone?

Switching to the new Galaxy phone

  • Connect your new Galaxy phone to your old device using the included USB connector and the cable from your old phone.
  • Select the items you want to transfer to your new phone.
  • Enjoy all your favorite apps, music, contacts and more without skipping a beat.

How do I sync my iPhone to my Samsung?

How to Sync iPhone Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/S6 Edge

  1. Step 1: Download and Install Syncios iPhone to Samsung Transfer.
  2. Step 2: Connect your iPhone and Samsung S6/S5/S4/S3 or other Samsung device to PC.
  3. Step 3: Select Contacts to Transfer.
  4. Step 4: Start transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung device.

Can you AirDrop from an iPhone to an android?

You can use AirDrop to share files between iOS devices, and Android users have Android Beam, but what do you do when you’re trying to manage an iPad and an Android phone? On the Android device, tap Create Group. Now, tap the menu (three horizontal lines) button in the top right, and tap on Connect to iOS Device.

Can I use AirDrop on Android?

An Android device can connect to other Android devices easily via Bluetooth. iOS and Mac users also have their own AirDrop function for file sharing. Unfortunately, when it comes to transferring files between Android and iOS, it’s not that simple anymore.

How do I transfer files from phone to phone?

Move files by USB

  • Download and install Android File Transfer on your computer.
  • Open Android File Transfer.
  • Unlock your Android device.
  • With a USB cable, connect your device to your computer.
  • On your device, tap the “Charging this device via USB” notification.
  • Under “Use USB for,” select File Transfer.

Can I transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to android?

On your iPhone, open WhatsApp, go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Back Up Now to backup all WhatsApp chats to iCloud first. Step 2. Select Restore and follow the instructions carefully to transfer WhatsApp messages to Android phone. Transferring WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android doesn’t have to be difficult.

How do I restore WhatsApp from iCloud to Samsung?

Restore WhatsApp from iCloud is really easy with this tool. Step 3: Now check all your file data in your iCloud backup and then click on Recover to Computer or Recover to your Device to save them. In case you want to save the files in your device, your mobile must be connected to the computer with the USB cable.

How do I transfer my WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy s8?

To transfer WhatsApp from Android to Galaxy S8 by Google Drive can also work well. Step 1. Launch WhatsApp on your old Android phone. Navigate to Settings > Chats > Chat backup where you can view the backup options under Google Drive settings.

Can I use my iCloud email on Android?

Good news is, you can access your iCloud email on Android. But the process is complex on Gmail — you need to add your iCloud account as IMAP, input incoming and outgoing SMTP server addresses, Port number, etc. All you get is the cluttered Gmail interface. Go to Settings > Email Accounts > Add More > iCloud.

Can you get iCloud on Android?

There are numerous ways to access iCloud contacts on Android. You can use a third-party Android app to sync your iCloud contacts or can even manually transfer the VCF file to your device. Though, one of the best ways to access iCloud from Android is by importing your contacts to Google.

Does Android have iCloud?

If you’re moving to an Android device from an iPhone or iPad, there’s every possibility you’re already set up and using an iCloud email address. Android devices require you to have a Google account (Gmail), but you might want to keep using your iCloud account for email. And that’s just fine.

Can you transfer iMessages to a new phone?

Transfer iMessages From iPhone to iPhone Using iTunes or iCloud. You can also just back up your old device to iTunes or iCloud, and after that restore the backup to your new iPhone using these applications provided by Apple.

How can I receive iMessages on Android?

How to Send and Receive iMessage on Android Phone

  1. Download SMS for iMessage App. SMS for iMessage is an Android application that routes text messages from Mac iMessage client to android phones.
  2. Install weServer.
  3. Give Permissions.
  4. Setup iMessage Account.
  5. Install weMessage.
  6. Login, Sync and Start iMessaging with your Android Phone.

How do I transfer messages from my iPhone?

Method 1: Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud Backup

  • Connect the old iPhone to a power source and turn on Wi-Fi.
  • On the old iPhone, tap Setttings > [Your Name] > iCLoud, and turn on iCloud Backup (for iOS 10 & ealier: Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup).

How do I transfer everything to my new Android phone?

Transfer your data between Android devices

  1. Tap the Apps icon.
  2. Tap Settings > Accounts > Add account.
  3. Tap Google.
  4. Enter your Google log in and tap NEXT.
  5. Enter your Google password and tap NEXT.
  6. Tap ACCEPT.
  7. Tap the new Google Account.
  8. Select the options to backup: App Data. Calendar. Contacts. Drive. Gmail. Google Fit Data.

How do I transfer everything from my old phone to my new phone?

Make sure “Backup my data” is enabled. As for app syncing, go to Settings > Data usage, tap on the three-dot menu symbol at the top right of the screen, and make sure “Auto-sync data” is turned on. Once you have a backup, select it on your new phone and you’ll be offered a list of all the apps on your old phone.

How do you sync text messages to another phone?

How to sync text messages to an email account on an Android

  • Open Email.
  • Press Menu.
  • Touch Settings.
  • Touch the Exchange email address.
  • Touch More (this many not be available in all devices).
  • Select or clear the check box for SMS Sync.

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