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Looking for Redecor Codes 2022 for free Gold, Money, and Cheats Codes? You’ve arrived at the correct place. We’ve gathered all of the most recent active Redecor Cheats Codes in this post, which you can use to earn in-game gold, cash, tokens, and unique goods.

The latest Redecor Codes codes have been added to this page, which you can use to receive different rewards. Codes are revised regularly so that you are always informed of new codes and do not have to go looking for them.

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About Redecor

Redecor is an interior design game for aspiring architects and designers. Rework, a company that specialised in home design and décor games released this game.

The game idea is simple: customers from all over the world hire you to renovate their rooms, posing a variety of problems.

Each area has a few minor highlights that you can adjust as needed. You’ll witness your creative work gently unfold right before your eyes, whether you’re playing with colour schemes, trying new materials, or simply appreciating the beauty of white space.

Active Redecor Codes

  • DKC8-4CAE : NEW! Redeem code added on September 7th, 2022. Expires on September 11th. A new redeem code will be shared on September 14th, 2022.

Expired Redecor Codes

  • X695-9CGH – Redeem code for a duel(Expired)
  • EWJ7-8CHT – Redeem code for a duel(Expired)
  • 5WAC-CTQ9 – Redeem code for a duel(Expired)
  • VYED-R5DF – Redeem code for a duel(Expired)
  • 4KW6XV6K – Redeem code for a duel(Expired)
  • TL7UB2Y3 – Redeem code for a duel(Expired)
  • K2W57RQG – Redeem code for a duel(Expired)
  • KMQXG7K6 – Redeem code for a duel(Expired)
  • TE2F7C7U – Redeem code for a duel(Expired)
  • XJNM-43T7 – Redeem this duel code(Expired)
  • P6NQ-6Q7R – Redeem this duel code(Expired)
  • XVMF-5E3M – Redeem this duel code(Expired)
  • QAF4-R4PU – Redeem this duel code(Expired)
  • FE75-PM58 – Redeem this duel code(Expired)
  • 44FF-4M4N – Redeem this duel code(Expired)
  • RKDH-3UHM – Redeem this duel code(Expired)
  • UH47-3GTC – Redeem this duel code(Expired)
  • CCRX-DP8M – Redeem this duel code(Expired)
  • 9DYV-8QFT – Redeem this duel code(Expired)
  • J34V-BVU8 – Redeem this duel code(Expired)
  • 825E-BC4Y 
  • GTKP-DNR3 
  • 868J-CDAA 
  • 2HPD-Y4B5 
  • X9R5-D2FQ
  • 38E9-84G8 
  • XDQU-PW56 
  • E4PG-Y2FN 
  • 4QPK-FAU7 
  • FEWP-RW74 
  • EPG5-DD4V 
  • 5MD3-45BK 
  • RR59-PYLE
  • RXDQ-85WL 
  • 7XJF-45TU 
  • G2MA-E5NQ 
  • Q4DQ-VT8W
  • WUHM-LX7D 
  • HD4K-KC4A 
  • P6YY-5E2M 
  • 84QQ-TGNR 
  • 5U75-TT63 
  • 473A-3FQT 
  • 25EG-A5WX 
  • UR58-XUTG 
  • X9FG-3YCT 
  • AL4G-8DAX 
  • XJWH-AY25
  • QM4B-677D
  • 2CL-Q8N4 
  • NNME-3CKA 
  • U8GC-7AMG 
  • P9T8-Y274 
  • NR2P-RP6L 
  • 8GGM-CCU7
  • 93GN-NF36 
  • EPND-F5LJ 
  • 7CBB-A4EJ 
  • BNR8-3FNT
  • JE5Q-PCY6

Steps to redeem Redecor Codes

Redecor-Codes (1)

STEP 1:To begin, open the game and select the ‘Live’ tab at the top of the screen.

STEP 2:Click the ‘Redeem Code’ button after scrolling down.

STEP 3:Enter the codes we provided above. 

STEP 4:You will be rewarded in-game instantly after clicking the ‘Redeem’ button.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Will the expired codes work?

  • No, the expired codes won’t give you any rewards.

2.How many active working codes are available as of now?

  • Currently, there’s only one active working code.

3.How can I get rewards through codes?

  • The steps to earn rewards through codes is given above.


We have covered all you need to know about Redecor Codes, including how to get more working codes and how to redeem them for free gold, cash, tokens, and other fantastic goods.

Hopefully, you’ll have a good time with these Redecor Home Design cheat codes. Please leave a comment below if you have any other thoughts or suggestions.

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