Roblox Birdkeepers

Birdkeepers is a farming game in which you must fight alongside your pet birds while also exploring the peaks of a mountain. Food can be collected, traded, and tools and bags can be collected.

You can enhance your birds and advance in the game by using the boosts, cash, and treats from our Birdkeepers cheats list.


Birdkeepers Codes (Working)

  • thnxforplaying – Redeem for Noob Boost, 10x Fruit Boost, 350 Cash, 3x Common Treats, 1x Rare Treat
  • Macadamia – Redeem for 350 Cash, Fruit Boost, 3 Common Treat
  • RELEASE – Redeem for 250 Cash, Noob Boost, 3 Common Treat

Birdkeepers Codes (Expired)

These Birdkeepers codes no longer work.

  • ExoticExoticExotic – Redeem for Seed Boost
  • sneakuspeekus – Redeem for Seed Boost

Steps to redeem Birdkeepers Codes

STEP 1 : On your mobile or PC, commence Birdkeepers.

STEP 2 : On the side of the screen, tap on the Settings.

STEP 3 : Select a code from the list below and paste it into the textbox.

STEP 4 : To receive your prize, click the confirm button.

Roblox Birdkeepers

Where do I get Birdkeepers Codes?

Follow Birdkeepers! Official, the game’s developer, on Twitter to find more codes. Otherwise, this wiki will be updated with all of the most recent codes, so bookmark it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How can I redeem Birdkeepers Codes?

  • If you wish to redeem Birdkeepers Codes, follow the instructions above.

2.Will these codes expire soon?

  • Yes, so redeem the Birdkeepers codes as soon as you can.

3.What will I get after redeeming the codes?

  • You will get Boosts, Treats, and many amazing rewards.


Birdkeepers! creators formulate codes when fresh content is expanded to the game or when the game requires to be rebooted for numerous motives. Codes expire after a specific fraction of time, so if you try to utilize them, they will not operate. Before it’s too late, try utilizing as many codes as possible.

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