Roblox Box Simulator codes (May 2022)– free gems and more

You’ll be hitting numerous boxes in Roblox Box Simulator to gather coins that you can spend to buy better weaponry. Use them to gain more money and unlock additional zones, which will allow you to obtain better stuff for your character. In this simulator experience, see whether you can collect the best weapons, helmets, and other goodies to become the #1 player on the leaderboards.

If you’re seeking freebies, go through our selection of Box Simulator codes. If you’re not sure how to redeem coupons in Box Simulator, look below the codes list for instructions!


Roblox Box Simulator

Box Simulator Codes (Working)

  • 3Years—Redeem for 24 hours of +90% Hatch Speed (New)
  • 2022Anniversary—Redeem for 24 hours of +100% Hat Drop (New)
  • Zombie&dvboost—Redeem for +50% Damage for 20 Minutes
  • NinjaRobzi – Redeem for +50% Damage for 20 Minutes
  • Ashl3yD4S—Redeem for +50% Damage for 20 Minutes
  • MasterLuka—Redeem for +50% Damage for 20 Minutes
  • TGSquad – Redeem for +50% Damage for 20 Minutes
  • UnicornSophia – Redeem for +50% Damage for 20 Minutes
  • JeffBlox—Redeem for 20 minutes of +50% Damage
  • Sub2MarcosDrumom—Redeem for 20 minutes of +50% Damage
  • Sub2RandemGamor—Redeem for 20 minutes of +50% Damage
  • MissingMind—Redeem for 20 minutes of +50% Damage
  • iBugOu—Redeem for 20 minutes of +100% Hat Drops
  • VeyaramaoBiano—Redeem for 20 minutes of +15% Hatch Speed
  • StatickBetero—Redeem for 20 minutes of +15% Hatch Speed
  • EGGHUNT2022—Redeem for +100% Attack Damage for 24 hours
  • NewInterface—Redeem for 190 Coins
  • Happy2022—Redeem for +50% Hat Drop for 24 hours
  • CODE1 – Redeem 35% Hatch Speed for 24 hours
  • CODE2 – Redeem fro 100% Hat Drop for 24 hours
  • CODE3 – Redeem for 100% Enchant for 24 hours
  • CODE4 – Redeem for coins
  • Cheroso – Redeem for free Coins
  • IJustWantedIceCream – Redeem for a Boost
  • DailyLogin – Redeem for free Coins
  • BianoBetero – Redeem for a Egg boost for 20 Minutes
  • EmirKartalBoost – Redeem for +50% Damage for 20 Minutes
  • R1zz – Redeem for +50% Damage for 20 Minutes
  • TheUltimateSuperDuperCoinCode – Redeem for free Coins
  • unboxmilo – Redeem for Box boost for 20 Minutes
  • Sub2Telanthric – Redeem for +50% Damage for 20 Minutes
  • Def1ldPlaysBoost – Redeem for +50% Damage for 20 Minutes (The first ‘l’ in this is a lower case L)
  • Pengi – Redeem for +50% Damage for 20 Minutes

Box Simulator Codes (Expired)

  • Metaverse – Redeem code for a damage boost 
  • 2years – Redeem code for a boost 
  • AnniversaryPet – Redeem code for a reward 
  • 200M – Redeem code for a 200 minute 200% Event Boost
  • Easter2021 – Redeem code for a 24-hour damage boost
  • PumpkinSmasher – Redeem code for a 1 hour 100% damage boost
  • 200K – Redeem for a Egg boost for 20 Minutes
  • Abilities – Redeem for a Hat boost for 1 Hour

Steps to redeem Box Simulator Codes

STEP 1 : On your computer or mobile device, launch Roblox Box Simulator.

STEP 2 : At the bottom of the screen, click on the Gift icon.

STEP 3 : Select a code from the list below and paste it into the “Enter Code!” textbox.

STEP 4 : To receive your prize, click the Redeem button.

Where to get Box Simulator Codes?

Follow PurpleboxRoblox on Twitter for more codes, as they are the creators of the experience. You may also acquire news, and updates, and interact with other players by joining the game’s official Discord server. Otherwise, we’ll be regularly updating this wiki with the latest recent codes, so check back often!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are coins utilized for in this game?

  • Coins can be employed to purchase weaponry and uncover zones.

2.How many working codes are available?

  • The number of working codes is 8.

3.How can I redeem the codes?

  • The instructions are outlined in this post.


To get the most recent in-game freebies, use the whole Box Simulator codes list. We have all of the game’s most recent functioning codes, which you can use to obtain gold, boosts, and even special stuff. For additional details on how to redeem codes in Box Simulator, see the section below. Remember to bookmark the page and return frequently to see if there are any new codes or upgrades.

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