Fashion Famous Codes

A Roblox game called Fashion Famous is all about dressing up in the newest player-made trends. You can completely customize your avatar with a vast inventory of attire. Create your ideal avatar with many clothes and makeup options. 

Players are entered into fashion shows in Roblox Fashion Famous to win by receiving the most votes from other players.

The primary point of Roblox Fashion Famous is to amass your wardrobe of outfits and accessories so that you may look stunning and flaunt it to the world.

There are many discount codes for cosmetic products available for new Roblox Fashion Famous players as well as veteran players who want to enhance their already stunning appearance.

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Fashion Famous Codes

Fashion Famous Codes

Each code will grant you a unique benefit, and I am confident that if you use them, you will not be disappointed. Who doesn’t value perks and advantages? Utilize the following codes before they expire:

  • DR3SS3D: Redeem this code for the Holiday Dress
  • LVM3: Redeem this code for the Love Me by Kiouhei Outfit
  • LVRBY: Redeem this code for the Lover Boy by Mockerby Outfit
  • R1ENY8: Redeem this code for the Festive Deer Outfit
  • SU1T3D: Redeem this code for the Holiday Suit
  • W1NT3R1: Redeem this code for the Pink Maid by Kio Outfit
  • 4FOXY1: Redeem this code for the Foxy Scarf
  • B3ARYW4RM: Redeem this code for the Polar Bear Scarf
  • BR4NCH35: Redeem this code for the Decorated Branches
  • ELF3D: Redeem this code for the Jolly Elf Hat
  • GOGGL3S: Redeem this code for the Santa Goggles
  • H4TAG11: Redeem this code for the Knit Animal Hood
  • M1NTYFR3SH: Redeem this code for the Peppermint Top Hat
  • ORN4T3M: Redeem this code for the Ornament Bobbers
  • SN1WM4N: Redeem this code for the Wintery Hat
  • XM4SH41R: Redeem this code for the Xmas Tree Hair
  • 2G1NG3R2: Redeem this code for the Gingerbread Man Top
  • 1G1NG3R1: Redeem this code for the Gingerbread Man Pants
  • H4RT: Redeem this code for Heart the Eyes
  • M3RMA1D: Redeem this code for the Bubbly Mermaid
  • P4ND4: Redeem this code for Panda the Face

As the codes are only valid for a fixed time, I strongly instruct you to redeem them as soon as possible to take benefit of the limited-time specials and prevent missing out on any advantages.

Steps to redeem Fashion Famous Codes

Step 1:- Open the Fashion Famous on your gaming device.

Step 2:- Simply look at the home screen for the Twitter button, and then press it.

Step 3:- Simply copy the game code from our list of codes after that.

Step 4:- In the box with the text “Enter Code Here” paste the code exactly as it is.

Step 5:- To acquire your free stuff and awards, simply tap the Redeem button.

Fashion Famous Codes

Where to get Fashion Famous Codes?

Join the official Roblox Group and other social media platforms to discover more codes. You can acquire announcements and updates as well as communicate with different players by joining the official Discord server. Contrarily, we’ll be regularly revamping this wiki with the most up-to-date codes, so check back often!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the reward for the code ‘LVRBY’?

  • The reward for the code ‘LVRBY‘ is Love Me by Kiouhei Outfit

2. What can I get after redeeming the codes?

  • You will get outfits and other items by redeeming the codes.

3. How can the codes be redeemed?

  • The codes can be redeemed by following the instructions listed above.


Create your style in the game Fashion Famous on Roblox and compete with other players to have the most! You may start your collection with a few free clothes and goods thanks to our Fashion Famous codes. Other things are available in the game and may typically be obtained with in-game cash or Robux.

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