Roblox Fidget Trading Simulator

The video game Fidget Trading Simulator was produced by Vault Holdings.

More of a trading game, Roblox Fidget Trading Simulator. You can swap Pop It and other knick-knacks here. You can make your stress relievers. You can use your fidget toys to customize the game in several ways. Give them a funky flair by painting them neon and rainbow colors. You will gain a higher level and a coin multiplier if you are rebirth. You can also attract attention by flaunting your amusing fidgets on social media. Use the Roblox Fidget Trading Simulator Codes to acquire some coins, storage, and Pop It.

You will be hatching, collecting, and trading PopIts and fidget toys in the Roblox Fidget Trading Simulator! Collect a wide range of hues, from neons to rainbows, and try to trade with other players. If you acquire enough money, you can be reborn to climb the ranks and get even more cash! To rise to the top of the leaderboard, try to become the game’s richest player.

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Roblox Fidget Trading Simulator

Fidget Trading Simulator Codes

Each code will grant you a unique benefit, and I am confident that if you use them, you will not be disappointed. Who doesn’t value perks and advantages? Utilize the following codes before they expire:

  • 10k – Redeem this code for +10 Storage (NEW)
  • Spooky – Redeem this code for 50,000 Coins
  • GREENLIGHT – Redeem this code for a Squid Game Pop It
  • REDLIGHT – Redeem this code for a Free Pop It
  • beta – Redeem this code for 500,000 Coins
  • popit – Redeem this code for 500,000 Coins

As the codes are only valid for a fixed time, I strongly instruct you to redeem them as soon as possible to take benefit of the limited-time specials and prevent missing out on any advantages.

Steps to redeem Fidget Trading Simulator Codes

Step 1:- Open the Fidget Trading Simulator on your gaming device.

Step 2:- Simply look at the home screen for the Twitter button, and then press it.

Step 3:- Simply copy the game code from our list of codes after that.

Step 4:- In the box with the text “Enter Code Here” paste the code exactly as it is.

Step 5:- To acquire your free stuff and awards, simply tap the Redeem button.

Roblox Fidget Trading Simulator

Where to get Fidget Trading Simulator Codes?

Join the official Roblox Group and other social media platforms to discover more codes. You can acquire announcements and updates as well as communicate with different players by joining the official Discord server. Contrarily, we’ll be regularly revamping this wiki with the most up-to-date codes, so check back often!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the developer of the Fidget Trading Simulator?

  • Vault Holdings is the developer of the Fidget Trading Simulator.

2. What rewards will I receive after redeeming the codes?

  • Coins and other items can be received after redeeming the codes.

3. Where can I get the codes?

  • On various social media platforms and this site.


On the Roblox platform, there is a simulation game called Fidget Trading Simulator. To hatch and gather the fidget toys, you must travel the land. To make some money, you can also swap them with your pals. To become the richest player in the world, you must amass the most Fidget toys. Your rank will rise thanks to the rebirths.

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