Spotify Lite APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v1.9.0.12138

Spotify lite
NameSpotify Lite
Size10 MB
Offered bySpotify Ltd.
Last Updated On1 April, 2022
Mod featuresPremium unlocked


Spotify, the world’s vastly popular music streaming service, is certainly familiar to you, particularly to music fans. This is one of the apps that allow users to listen to high-quality copyrighted music online

Spotify’s excellence is undeniable, but its major drawback is that it is extremely large, making it unsuitable for devices with limited configurations or when connected to an unstable network, resulting in a poor song experience.

That is why the developers have developed a lighter version of Spotify – Spotify Lite. This is compatible with almost all of the devices and gives you an enriching experience.

About Spotify Lite Mod APK

Spotify Lite is solely 15MB in size, as opposed to the original’s 100MB. However, some characteristics have been deleted as a fraction of the optimization. This is not an issue for those who simply want to listen to music. However, if you wish to take benefit of all of Spotify’s facilities, the original app may be desirable.

The Google Play Store alone has over 5 million downloads of Spotify Lite. Even though this isn’t the main app, it goes to show how prominent this streaming platform is. Read on to learn more about it!

Features of Spotify Lite Mod APK



The fact that this app is under 15MB is perhaps the most appealing feature for most users. This means you may listen to your favourite songs without worrying about running out of space on your device! This software is significantly more compact and speedier than the old version, which required 100MB of storage space.



Spotify Lite handles connections lightning quickly, so even if your Wifi signal is weak, your music listening experience will not be hampered. Furthermore, while listening to music, Spotify Lite allows you to adjust the sound quality! Basic, regular, high, and very high is the four options. Overall, the connection speed will permit you to practically listen to any song without having to worry about slow internet.

Data saving

Data saving

Spotify Lite optimises your data usage to save you money! You’ll also have access to a monthly mobile data monitoring tool that allows you to establish a data restriction for the month! 250MB, 500MB, 750MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 3GB are the storage capacities available. When you’ve hit the monthly limit you set, this handy tool will email you a notification. This is quite useful for individuals who wish to keep track of their data consumption to avoid going over budget.



Playlists are created when you only want to listen to your favourite tunes. This feature is also accessible in the original Spotify app. You can make a variety of playlists in various genres and even download them to share with your friends!

Discover new music


This Lite version automatically recommends songs of the exact genre based on your listening patterns and history and then incorporates them into a playlist. These playlists are allocated into categories according to singer, genre, new trends, updates, and moods. This will encourage you in discovering a variety of interesting music in your preferred genre.

Steps to download Spotify Lite Mod APK

STEP 1 : At the bottom of this post, tap the link to a MOD version of the Spotify Lite app.

STEP 2 : Commence installing the APK file, and then stay for a while for the procedure to complete.

STEP 3 : Go to the app and listen to your favourite music playlist on the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the size of Spotify Lite Mod APK?

  • The size of the Spotify Lite Mod APK is only 15 MB.

2.What are the features of Spotify Lite Mod APK?

  • The features of Spotify Lite Mod APK are – fast speed, lightweight, data saving, and many more.

3.How can I download Spotify Lite Mod APK on my device?

  • The instruction to download Spotify Lite Mod APK has been listed above. Please follow them.


For current Spotify subscribers, Spotify Lite is a must. It’s light and fluid, making it ideal for use on older, less powerful Android smartphones or those running Android Go. Furthermore, because it is simpler and easier to understand than the original version, users can install this app for their parents and the elderly.

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