Spotify Premium APK v8.7.36.923 Mod June 2022 (Mod Unlocked)

 NameSpotify Premium Apk
 UpdatedJune 11, 2022
 Compatible withAndroid 4.1+
 Last version8.7.36.923
 Size21.31 MB
FeaturesPremium Unlocked
 CategoryMusic & Audio
 DeveloperSpotify Ltd.
 Google Play

If you love listening to songs while traveling, or if you are a person who loves listening to podcasts, then you’ll want to download Spotify Premium Apk on your Android device. It is one of the incredible online streaming apps among that are currently available in the market.

It offers songs with multiple genres and podcasts related to a diverse range of topics that will pique your interest. You may listen to music for free, but you will be interrupted by advertisements, which will break your listening flow. You must pay to access Spotify Premium Account.

The price is not much, but you must choose between paying money or getting it for free by downloading Spotify Premium APK from our Website.

Spotify was founded in 2008 and has about 280 million active users, 130 million of which are subscribed to Spotify Premium Plan. With over 50 million tracks, it is one of the most well-known Online Music Streaming App.

The songs are updated regularly so that you can play your favorite track anywhere and anytime.

A playlist will be curated just for you based on the genres of music you listen to because it wants its customers to have a pleasant experience.

You may also create a playlist and share it with your friends by adding your favorite songs to it. You’ll receive notifications about new songs, and if you like them, you may add them to your playlist.

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What Are Spotify Plans?

Spotify offers a variety of plans for users. You can choose any plan which you like and enjoy streaming music online. Let us dive in with each plan that Spotify Account offers.

Mini Plan

Spotify Mod Apk Mini Plan

You have to pay Rs. 7 for this plan and it is a one-time plan. You can listen to songs without advertisements and you can listen to the songs offline from a single device. This plan is available for only one device and group sessions are available for this plan.

Individual Plan

Spotify Premium Apk Individual Plan

This is a one-time plan starting from RS. 129 and is available for only one account. Listen to your favorite track without any interruptions with your friends. Group sessions are also available and you can download 10k songs on 5 devices.

Duo Plans

Spotify Premium Apk Duo Plan

Are you in a live-in relationship right now? If that’s the case, this is the ideal option for you. This plan includes two accounts, charges Rs. 165 and ensures that you are not disturbed by irritating advertisements while on a romantic date. This subscription includes group sessions as well as the ability to download 10,000 songs to five devices.

Family Plan

Spotify Premium Apk Family Plan

Everyone in a family has different tastes in music and having one plan that is only available for a single device is not enough. So Spotify Apk has come up with this plan which is available for up to 6 accounts.

This plan costs Rs.199 which includes group sessions, ad-free music, and downloading songs for 5 devices. Explicit songs are blocked in this plan for obvious reasons.

Premium student

Spotify Premium Apk for Students

There is also a plan available for students at RS.66 where you can listen to unlimited music, podcasts, and many more.

What is Spotify Premium APK and why should you get it?

Spotify Premium Apk

In a generation where everyone listens to songs with online streaming applications, don’t lag by doing the traditional method of listening to songs after downloading them from some websites.

Keep up with your friends and listen to an unlimited number of tracks and listen to them in super quality. Get ready with your headphones and start listening to your favorite tracks.

As we all know for every application, you need to pay to get some features. But what if you get it for free? You might think I’m joking but I’m certainly not. In this article, I’ll share with you the link to the modded version of Spotify Premium where you will get all the paid features for free.

We can listen to tunes for free in Spotify’s free edition, but at what cost? We also have to listen to those obnoxious commercials. We are occasionally bombarded with 4-5 adverts in a row, which is inconvenient. Nobody enjoys being stopped while listening to their favorite music by intrusive advertisements. As a result, you need to install Spotify Premium APK on your devices.

In Spotify’s premium edition, there are plans for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly usage. Although the price is reasonable, if you are a student and your pocket money is insufficient, the price may appear to be excessive. Get Spotify Premium APK and listen to songs without any interruptions and download the songs for free and listen to them offline.

Features of Spotify Premium Mod APK

Features of Spotify Mod Apk
  • You can listen to over 50 million tracks, podcasts, and audio-books, create and share playlists, follow your friends on Spotify, get updates on the latest songs, for free and without any restrictions with Spotify Premium Mod APK.
  • While listening to music, podcasts, or audio-books, you will not be interrupted by advertisements.
  • You may download music and listen to them while you’re not connected to the internet.
  • The audios are of excellent quality, making listening more entertaining.
  • There is an unlimited number of skips available in the Spotify Premium APK.

How to download Spotify Premium APK on Android

Listening to your favorite songs, podcasts, audio-books, is just a few steps away. Hurry up and follow the steps that I have mentioned below

Step1: As you’re already reading this article, click on the “Download Apk” link.

Step2: Select the file you just downloaded from Chrome’s upper-left corner or your file manager.

Step3: Then, in your phone’s settings, enable “Allow from this source.”

Steps to download Spotify Premium APK

Step4: Finally, you must download and install it on your device before sharing it with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (Most Asked Ones)

Do you still have doubts regarding Spotify Premium APK? I am here to answer all your queries so you don’t need to worry about it. Just chill and have some tea while I’m clearing all your doubts.

1.Do I need to upgrade to premium to get the updates on recently released songs?

There is no need to upgrade to get the latest updates. You can get it from the free version as well.

2.Is there a limit to the songs that I can listen to?

-Not. You can listen to as many songs as you want. However, keep in mind that in the free version of Spotify, you will be interrupted by ads now and then, while in the premium you have to pay.

If you want to get the premium for free, install Spotify Premium APK on your device.

3.Is it worth it to subscribe to a Spotify Premium?

If you are a music lover and if you don’t want to disrupt the flow of your listening, then it is worth the charge.

4.How much mobile data do I need to use Spotify for a month?

If you are using Spotify Premium APK, that means you have access to all the features including the downloading feature. You will require data to stream or download music, but once you have downloaded the songs, there is no need for the data connection.

You can download your songs using home wifi, or library wifi then listen to it anywhere, anytime.

Final Verdict

Spotify is an all in one music streaming solution for your Android device. If you really love this app then we recommend you to purchase the original subscription of Spotify Premium. This will not only give you the best possible experience but will also support the developers. The app has a great UI and works very smoothly.

Spotify is an undeniable Media streaming app that will never disappoint you.
I hope, I was able to help you through this Article, If you need any further help or have any further query then, you can comment down below without any hesitation

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