How do I fix GTA San Andreas not opening on Windows 10?

How can I fix GTA San Andreas on Windows 10? Go to the root directory of GTA San Andreas find the file gta–sa.exe. Right-click, then select “Troubleshoot compatibility”. Click “Next”, then “Test the program”. Why can’t I open GTA San Andreas? To solve this flaw, you must go to the documents folder and look for … Read more

Is GTA 4 available for iOS?

Is GTA 4 available on IOS? Sorry,not happening. GTA IV is made in Rockstar Advanced Game Editor(RAGE)which supports only computers and consoles. Phones,tablets,iphones,ipads are not supprted. Is GTA 4 coming to mobile? Top 5 potential reasons as to why Rockstar has not released GTA 4 and 5 for Android devices. Regardless of one’s opinion on … Read more