WAR OF THE VISIONS tier list (1)

Square Enix’s War of the Visions is an Android and iOS free-to-play tactical 3D role-playing game (RPG). In order to accomplish various goals in this game, you will be in charge of a variety of units on a grid-based battlefield. War of the Visions is a tactical role-playing game that is heavily inspired by the Final Fantasy Tactics series of games.

It is a tactical role-playing game developed by Gumi and published by Square Enix.

We chose to create a tier list where the characters are sorted from best to worst because it has a huge unit pool to choose from. The list is based on the numbers, skills, and general battlefield utility of each unit. Each character has particular advantages and disadvantages.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin with the list.




On June 6, 2019, an Android user registration drive for War of the Visions began in Japan. The game was created by Square Enix and then released on November 14, 2019. With the game launching on March 25, 2020, a separate international marketing campaign started on February 20, 2020.

It is a top-notch game, as you would expect from the studio. To win the game, you must accomplish a variety of tasks while utilizing your units to your benefit. It contains voice-overs for each of its characters and 3D graphics. Each character has a mechanism for leveling up and gaining access to new skills. The dialogue in the game is entirely voice-acted, and the international release offers dual audio language options.

The conflict between five opposing nations is depicted in this tale, which takes place on the continent of Ardra in the world of Lapis, the main setting of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. As in the original title, the battle is fought with the aid of Visions—physical representations of formidable fighters from other ages and worlds who have been called forth by means of Crystals.

The primary story of the game and optional side quests both offer opportunities for player interaction. Some event quests offer special item crafting recipes and raw materials.

Brave Exvius also makes mention of the continent of Ardra, which is seen on the game’s original global map but is currently inaccessible and hidden by clouds.

Both a single-player campaign and an online multiplayer mode are available in the game. Additionally, there are daily quests that can be accomplished for rewards.


When choosing who to include in their party, many players consult tier lists to guide them. This is particularly true in War of the Visions when the size of your group might determine whether you win or lose.

Based on the current meta, this WOTV tier list may change in the future. It has a lot of benefits, including:

·        assisting players in selecting the ideal UR unit for their squad.

·        highlighting the equipment that is worth investing in and improving.

·        bringing to light undervalued units.

·        It might improve players’ understanding of the game.

·        teaches gamers how to deal with opposing units.

·        shows each unit’s potential.

There are four levels in the War of the Visions tier list: S, A, B, C, and D. They are ranked based on how powerful they are in the current meta. Now without further ado, let’s begin!

War Of The Visions S Tier List (2022)

WAR OF THE VISIONS s tier list

S-tier units are very useful on the battlefield and have strong stats and talents. For any army, they are a need. They are the best units in the game and ought to be utilized at all times. You can build a team exclusively around these characters because they typically don’t require a certain type of teammate to shine. Look no further than the S tier if you’re looking for the best UR units in War of the Visions.

  • Celes – UR
  • Noctis – UR
  • Oberon Heindler – UR
  • Helena (Black-Robed Witch) – UR
  • Jume – UR
  • Yuna – UR
  • Prompto – UR
  • Cloud (FFVII) – UR
  • Aranea – UR
  • Locke – UR
  • Tifa (FFVII) – UR
  • Mont (King of Leonis) – UR
  • Mont Leonis – MR
  • Salire – MR
  • Glaciela (Regalia) – UR
  • Alstoria – UR
  • Duane – UR
  • Grace – UR
  • Ranan – UR
  • Starlight Elena – UR
  • Golbez – UR
  • Helena – UR
  • Y’shtola – MR
  • Goffard Gaffgarion – MR
  • Salire (Valentine) – UR
  • Elsirelle (Summer) – UR


War Of The Visions A Tier List (2022)


Characters at the top tier are incredibly strong and adaptable. Though they may struggle against top-tier decks, they can handle the majority of circumstances with ease. Playing one of these troops is your best option if you want to win a tournament. They all have a wide range of skills and few weaknesses. They might work in some circumstances.

  • Charlotte – UR
  • Zazan the Unkillable – UR
  • Cetia – UR
  • Rafale – UR
  • 9S – UR
  • Kitone – UR
  • Moore – UR
  • Tidus – UR
  • Auron – UR
  • Ibara – UR
  • Joker – UR
  • Fryevia – UR
  • Macherie (Winter) – UR
  • Viktora (Winter) – UR
  • Glaciela (Dress Up) – UR
  • Lara Croft – UR
  • Phoebe – SR
  • Gilgamesh – UR
  • Sterne Leonis (Knight of Ruin) – UR
  • 2B – UR
  • Kilphe (Summer Swimsuit) – UR
  • Jayden Rundall – UR
  • Luartha (Winter) – UR
  • Resnick – UR
  • Cowell – UR
  • Warrior of Light – UR
  • Violet – UR
  • Kilphe (Summer) – UR
  • Rairyuu – MR
  • Bellis – UR
  • Ildyra – UR


War Of The Visions B Tier List (2022)


B-tier characters are good choices, but they could run into some difficulties in certain matchups. With these characters, you can still triumph, but you’ll need to be selective about your opponents. If at all possible, try to avoid these confrontations. Legends who don’t match the current meta and have trouble taking on new Legends belong in this tier. Although these characters aren’t particularly likable, you never know when they might come through in life-or-death situations. If the lobby has top-tier Legends or your rank is really too low, you can use them.

  • Queen – UR
  • Kitone (Summer Swimsuit) – UR
  • Rain – UR
  • Lasswell – UR
  • Helena Leonis – MR
  • Lilyth (Summer Swimsuit)- UR
  • Mediena – UR
  • Vinera (Winter) – UR
  • Whisper (Sasayaki) – UR
  • Ramada – MR
  • Grace – MR
  • Frederika – UR
  • Elsirelle – UR
  • Velric – UR
  • Lemuré – UR
  • Kain – UR
  • Little Leela (Halloween) – UR
  • Glaciela Wezette – UR
  • Viktora – UR
  • Niv’Lu – UR
  • Ayaka – UR
  • Vinera Fennes – UR
  • Robb Hourne – UR
  • Sterne Leonis – UR
  • Engelbert – UR
  • Xiza – UR
  • Schuzelt – MR
  • Loreila – MR
  • Adelard – MR
  • Aerith – UR
  • Seymore – MR
  • Raviesse – MR
  • Dario Hourne – MR
  • Barret – UR
  • Margritte – MR
  • Nasha – MR
  • Shadowlynx – MR
  • Meriluke – MR
  • Falm – UR
  • Lameiga – UR
  • Fina – MR
  • Minwu – UR
  • Valouch – UR
  • Remure – UR
  • Garvall – UR
  • Muraga Fennes – UR
  • Louelle – UR
  • Owe – MR
  • Sakura – UR
  • Salire (Sweetheart) – UR
  • Corwell – UR
  • Camillo – UR
  • Moore – UR
  • Gargas – UR
  • Velne – UR
  • Lorenzo – MR
  • Khury Wezette – MR
  • Verlic – UR


War Of The Visions C Tier List (2022)


Although they are not weak, C-tier characters are not as powerful as those in the other tiers. These units can be a suitable choice for you if you’re just starting off or looking to have some fun. You must be very selective about your opponents if you wish to succeed with these units. We advise against squandering your money on updating them as you won’t utilize them much else.

  • Kilphe – UR
  • Cidolfus Orlandeau – UR
  • Lu’cia – UR
  • Kitone (Summer) – UR
  • Oelde Leonis – UR
  • Yerma – UR
  • Cecil (Paladin) – UR
  • Macherie Hourne – UR
  • Miranda – UR
  • Mariale – MR
  • Mustadio Bunanza – MR
  • Tyrrell – MR
  • Luartha – UR
  • Ramza Beoulve – UR
  • Howlet – UR
  • Lilyth (Summer) – UR
  • Rairyuu (Halloween) – UR
  • Delita Heiral – UR
  • Ramada (Winter) – UR
  • Rhaldor – UR
  • Aileen – UR
  • Cadia – MR
  • Agrias Oaks – UR
  • Lucio – UR
  • Vistralle – MR
  • Oldoa – UR


War Of The Visions D Tier List (2022)


D-tier characters are not advised for use in tournaments. They might have one or two strong matches, but they are inconsistent or lacking in other areas. You take full responsibility for your actions if you choose to play one of these characters. Don’t use them in combative situations.

  • Murmur – SR
  • Rosa – UR
  • Yuni – SR
  • Vallaide – SR
  • Naiah – SR
  • Sosha – SR
  • Serjes – SR
  • Vadim – SR
  • Baelo – SR
  • Thancred – UR
  • Severo – SR
  • Little Leela – SR
  • Skahal – UR


1.  Why are players using the War of the Visions character tier list?

The War of the Visions tier list is used by players for a variety of purposes. This includes developing a deeper understanding of the game, knowing how to deal with opposing units, and showcasing each unit’s potential.

2.  The War of the Visions tier list: how do I use it?

There are numerous applications for the War of the Visions tier list. It can assist players in making the optimal unit selection for their team, highlighting undervalued troops, highlighting units that merit upgrading and investing in, and improving their understanding of the game.

3.  What is the War of the Visions S tier list?

The top UR units in the game are included in the War of the Visions S tier. They are quite handy on the battlefield and have excellent stats and skills.

4.  Will I always lose if I use characters from D-tier?

No, but there are a few players who have had success with D-tier characters. You should be informed, though, that playing these characters in tournaments is not advised.

5.  Is the WOTV tier list constant?

The Tier List for War of the Visions is not a static list. It is consistently updated to reflect the most recent metagame.

6.  Who made the War of the Visions tier list?

A team of professionals developed the War of the Visions tier list. Professional athletes, analysts, and public figures all fall under this category.


Fans of Final Fantasy Tactics games will undoubtedly like War of the Visions’ engaging core gameplay. It features a compelling plot, beautiful images, engaging narration, and music.

We appreciate you reading our War of the Visions level breakdown. You should now have a better understanding of the current metagame thanks to this post, we hope. Do not stop practicing and keep up with the other tier lists.

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