World Flipper, is a pinball-themed action mobile game with pixel graphics and a retro-feel adventure with mysterious realms to explore. Cygames (Japan) and Kakao Games Corp. (South Korea) were the publishers of the game. 

Even though World Flipper was first released in 2021, it is still a very well-liked gacha RPG.

It can be challenging to select a character in the game because there are so many different characters, each with their own special powers. However, we have curated a tier list just for that.

A tier list ranks characters from the best to the worst. One of the most crucial things you can do early on is to become familiar with the top characters on the World Flipper tier list. A lot of characters are expected to come through, so starting with some of the better ones will put you in a good position.

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World Flipper is a pinball RPG with action-packed encounters against formidable bosses. Explore fantastical lands, make new acquaintances, and learn the backstory of each character’s adventure.

It was created by Cygames (Japan) and Kakao Games Corp. (South Korea) and made available worldwide on September 8, 2021. Only iPhone and Android smartphones may play the game, and it is free. English, German, French, and Spanish are the four languages in which World Flipper is now available.

In every one of your battles, you’ll have the option to team up with various units and utilize their unique skills! But it can be challenging to select the ideal characters when there are so many options available. Our World Flipper tier list can be useful in this situation.

The tale of the game begins with the meeting of two lost souls, which causes a change in the cosmos. In an abandoned village, a boy and girl cross paths. The boy was unable to recall his past and the girl was unable to envision her future. They are given a force. That power manifested as Light, who had previously been a mighty warrior from another planet but had since changed into a creature resembling a rabbit. He was being chased by Dark Throne agents. They respond by fighting back against that evil force after the girl says, “World Flipper activated.”

To defeat the boss at the conclusion of each stage is the game’s objective.


A tier list is a list that places all characters in order of their likelihood to triumph in a tournament, assuming that each player has an equal level of ability, based on analysis of the metagame at the moment.

There are many characters in World Flipper’s huge cast who are playable in competitive play. The best World Flipper characters are the subject of a lot of debate.

Using the World Flipper tier list has numerous advantages, including:

  • guiding you in selecting the ideal playable character.
  • assisting in your understanding of the metagame at hand.
  • supplying a basis for additional investigation into World Flipper competitive play.
  • helping you get ready for competitions.

The characters are broken down into five categories in the World Flipper tier list: S, A, B, C, and D. This places the S tier at the top and the D tier at the bottom.

The characters are ranked according to how strong they are across the board in the game’s content, and we also have a category for “unison,” which is akin to a “support” role. The primary unit will only be strengthened by placing a unit in unison, although some characters are better suited as supporting characters than major characters.

If you need to search for a specific character, be sure to seek it in the element tier list linked with that specific hero. Our World Flipper tier list below ranks all the characters belonging to a single element in different tiers.



The uppermost tier, known as the S tier, only includes the very best of them. These are incredibly strong individuals that can hold their own against the majority of adversaries. They are fully upgradeable and can be leveled up. All of them have high DPS (Damage per second). They merit this top spot as strong characters in World Flipper because of this. You should first concentrate on gathering these characters.

RizelleFist4 Star
ClarisseSword5 Star
SiltyStaff5 Star
PhilliaSword5 Star
VeronSword5 Star
AliceFist4 Star
LazeltSpecial5 Star



The A tier comes next. The success of characters in this level depends on the support of other party members because they are still quite powerful but not as strong as S-tier characters.

They concentrate on causing harm over time (DoT). These are definitely worth looking at if you’re searching for characters who can hold their own against the majority of foes. You might also use your resources to improve these.

SuizenFist5 Star
NephtimArcher5 Star
SoniaSpecial5 Star
InahoSword5 Star
MarinaFist5 Star
BercetiaSpecial5 Star
CagliostroFist5 Star



These are your average World Flipper characters. The B tier is still a force to be reckoned with even though it is not as strong as the preceding ones. These characters aren’t very strong on their own, but they can succeed when paired with a stronger character, such as S-tier. Spending too much on these ones is not advised.

LannerSword4 Star
WagnerSpecial5 Star
MurakumoSword5 Star
AlmArcher4 Star
LeonArcher5 Star
EcreelSword5 Star



The C-tier World Flipper units are only marginally below average. They are capable of winning certain wars, but not all of them. These characters should never be used in competitive play because they are weak. If you don’t have any other options, you should generally avoid using these heroes.

ArisaSpecial4 Star
ShiroSword4 Star
AsukirimaruArcher4 Star
RegisSwordsman4 Star
ArcSpecial4 Star
RamsStaff4 Star
JayFist4 Star
DearSupport4 Star



The characters in World Flipper who can be categorized as D-tier are listed below. These have terrible performances.

These D-tier World Flipper heroes are suitable for a few levels and places when you first start out. But in order to succeed, you’ll need to swap to better characters as the story and tasks advance.

Only if you genuinely like them and they happen to be on your favorite team will you play these characters. Even so, you ought to stay away from competitive gaming with these characters.

LunaluSword4 Star
MiaSword4 Star
GlideFist4 Star
HanabiArcher4 Star
HelgaSword4 Star
SharonArcher4 Star
SoushiroSpecial4 Star
MercelFist4 Star
OrouruSword4 Star
EliyaSword4 Star
YuelArcher4 Star
AzelArcher4 Star
KiraSupport4 Star
MinoSupport4 Star
AmeliaSword4 Star
AndySupport4 Star
BiancaSword4 Star
JelalSpecial4 Star
FinnFist4 Star
LiamSword4 Star
EleanorSword4 Star
MarianneSword4 Star


1.  How many playable characters are there in World Flipper?

The global edition of World Flipper features a grand total of 160 playable characters.

2.  Is using a World Flipper tier list necessary?

A tier list is a fantastic way to gauge the relative strength of your favorite characters. This will give you a general notion of which characters would be best for different roles or team configurations as the game lacks a detailed character ranking system.

3.  Do I need to make a team with all 5☆ units?

Having synergy is more significant – often 3☆ and 4☆ units can be great assets for a team.

4.  How does World Flipper work?

Pinball-style combat is used in World Flipper; it is turn-based and repetitious in practically every stage. It also contains a gacha system, like the majority of games now available, which enables you to summon heroes and obtain a wide range of fresh teams and weapons on a consistent basis.

5.  Which World Flipper characters are the best?

What you want them to do determines which character is the greatest. The most crucial element is that they must be able to deal with more harm while simultaneously taking more of it (or vice versa). The S-tier list includes the best characters.

6.  Which Tier am I supposed to avoid?

Tier D. The characters are bad. Avoid playing with them at all costs. Absolutely not worth your time or energy.

7.  The World Flipper tier list is updated how frequently?

Every time a new patch or update for the game is made available, the World Flipper tier list is updated. This typically takes place every few months but depending on how big the upgrade is, it can take longer.

8.  Will using characters from higher ranks guarantee victory?

No, not always. Higher-tier characters often have more power than lower-tier characters, but it does not mean that they are always the better choice. Always exercise your own judgment while choosing team members, keeping the specific challenge you face in mind.


For fans of this genre, the game offers an epic pinball experience with gorgeous 2D pixel art animation and an original soundtrack.

That’s all about the World Flipper tier list. We hope that this guide helped you understand the best characters in World Flipper.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any queries or worries, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

You can improve on these characteristics if you keep practicing with them. Thanks for reading! Have fun pinballing!

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