YouTube Blue APK 16.16.38

 NameYouTube Blue
 UpdatedSep 29, 2021
 Compatible withAndroid 4.2+
 Last version16.16.38
 Size33 MB
 CategoryVideo Players & Editors
 DeveloperTeam Vanced

In every YouTube video, you’ve seen an advertisement. Ads might appear at the beginning of a video or during it, which can bother viewers.

Try the YouTube Blue Apk if you’re bothered by YouTube advertising as well. It’s a modelling version of YouTube that’s extremely popular with Android users. Many of the features of YouTube Blue Apk are identical to those of YouTube, but it also offers a slew of new ones.

It features a built-in feature that allows you to block adverts with black themes, among other things. YouTube has been extensively updated in this edition.

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About YouTube Blue APK

YouTube Blue APK

As you may be aware, some devices are unable to play music or videos in the background. However, you can only use the background playback feature with this app. You can also construct new, clean surfaces. This results in a completely new blue arrangement or surface. This is the primary reason behind the app’s name. 

In the playback area, the app has a lot of options. The app, on the other hand, has more fascinating features because it is simpler and faster to use. The original is substantially larger and consumes more memory on your phone.

This is a very light software that works on all Android phones. As a result, it’ll work on any Android phone or tablet. I’ve also shared the most recent version with you. This website has an APK that you can download and install on your Android phone.

Features of YouTube Blue APK


Ad blocker

We’re all aware that today’s content creators profit from YouTube advertisements. As a result, the more people who view their films and see their advertisements, the more money they can make! However, for some viewers, the advertisements can be irritating, especially because they interrupt our viewing experience.

You may enjoy a built-in ad-blocker with YouTube Blue, which allows you to watch videos without interruption. You can now enjoy watching videos without interruption.


YouTube Blue also enables you to play videos in the background without having to pause them. Then, without having to download anything, you may listen to music, podcasts, or any other videos you like.

On the original app, this function is exclusively available to premium subscribers. However, you are free to use it as much as you want here.

HDR mode

If you like to watch videos in the finest quality possible, the HDR mode is also available here. You may now watch videos in HDR mode, which gives you the clearest picture possible.


In the original YouTube app, you only have the option to switch between default and night mode themes. But in YouTube Blue APK, you can switch between various themes such as blue and red and many more.

Repeat feature

This programme also gives you the choice of easily repeating the video. You may also listen to the whole playlist again if you wish.

Zoom-in feature

By zooming in on the screen, you can simply zoom in on this app. This allows you to see the material more clearly, which is especially useful if your device’s screen is small.

Desktop style

You may also view the video in a separate window while scrolling through your newsfeed with this app. You no longer need to close the video to look for other videos. 

Steps to download YouTube Blue APK

STEP 1: This page’s “YouTube Blue APK Download” link must be used. The downloading operation will begin as soon as you click on it.

STEP 2: Allow “Allow from this source” in your phone’s settings to get this app on your phone.

STEP 3: The APK file you just downloaded will be installed on your phone by touching it.

Steps to download YouTube Blue APK

STEP 4: You can begin downloading immediately by launching the app and taking advantage of all of the program’s wonderful features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Will there be any interruptions by ads while watching videos from YouTube Blue APK?

  • No, it has a built-in ad-blocker that blocks all the adverts.

2.What are the features of YouTube Blue APK?

  • There are many features that you would love such as the videos that can be played in the background, ad-blocker, HDR mode, and many more.

3.How can I install YouTube Blue APK on my phone?

  • The steps to download YouTube Blue APK are in this article.


YouTube Blue Apk has all of YouTube’s features, as you could expect. Additionally, its built-in ad-blocking features put it ahead of official YouTube. Additionally, it is a very lightweight application that will not cause your Android device to lag.

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